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Educational Comics

A categorical listing of Educational Comics curated by Key Collector Comics.

Low $65
Mid $190
High $750
  • One-shot following the attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Includes a backup story promoting war bonds
Low $15
Mid $55
High $150
  • Biography of Harry S Truman
  • Referenced in Seduction of the Innocent, led to establishing the Comics Code Authority
  • Reason: false account of history, Truman's inspiration to run for president incorrectly credited
Low $250
Mid $975
High $2.4k
  • Anti-Communism promotional comic published by the Catechetical Guild
Low $280
Mid $980
High $2.7k
  • Promotional comic published by the National Research Bureau
  • Introduction: America Under Socialism is published for one purpose - to give you a picture of what America might be like under Socialism
Low $160
Mid $615
High $1.4k
  • 8-page promotional comic meant to instruct Americans on how to survive a nuclear attack
  • Issued by the Ohio Office of Civil Defense
  • Topics include: identifying an impending attack, understanding different air raid sirens, how to react to the bright flash of a detonation, how to decontaminate from radioactive debris and more
  • Back cover displays death toll projections if a nuclear event occurs
Low $850
Mid $2.8k
High $7.9k
  • Published by American Comics Group for Harlem Youth Opportunities Unlimited (HARYOU)
  • HARYOU, an organization founded by Dr. Kenneth B. Clark, ministers and community leaders were awarded a grant in 1962 of $230,000 to conduct a neighborhood study and create a strategic plan to create opportunities for young people in Harlem
  • A comic book format was one of several modes of communicating the results of the study. It was distributed as a pamphlet that identified Harlem's problems and proposed a strategy to empower black youth by creating more job opportunities, providing job training and assisting delinquent youths in rehabilitation while increasing black consciousness and pride
  • As the subtitle suggests, a blueprint for improvement was proposed that focused on five areas: Community Action, Education, Employment, Special Programs and Arts & Culture
  • Although the issue is numbered #5, there is no evidence of prior issues and is likely the fifth general publication that resulted from the study
Low $20
Mid $45
High $125
  • 16-promotional comic produced by Custom Comics for the New York City Police Department
  • Coincided with the introduction of the 9-1-1 emergency phone number