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Key Facts

1st appearance of Superman

1st appearance of Lois Lane

1st appearance of Zatara, Zatanna's father

1st appearance of Tex Thompson, later becomes Mr. America

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💰 Runner-Up: New High [Previous High]

8.5 sold for $6,000,000 [$1,000,000 in 2010] +500%

This Kansas City Pedigree book received a grade bump from 8.0 to 8.5 at some point between its $1,000,000 sale in 2010 and the most recent sale

The previous paid for any other 8.5 was for $3,250,000 in 2021

This 6 million dollar sale is the highest price for any comic book ever


Key Facts

1st appearance and origin of Wonder Woman

1st appearance of Hippolyta

1st appearance of Steve Trevor

Starman and Dr. Mid-Nite join the JSA

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💰 In June 2022, a 9.4 sold for $1,620,000

Timely ⋅ 1939

Key Facts

1st appearance of the Human Torch, Jim Hammond

2nd appearance of Namor the Sub-Mariner - 8 pages of the 12-page story reprinted from Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1

1st appearance of Dorma, Namor's cousin

1st appearance of Ka-Zar, David Rand

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1st appearance of Angel, Thomas Halloway, a private detective and vigilante

1st appearance of the Masked Raider, Jim Gardley

1st comic book published by Timely, later becomes Marvel

Retitled Marvel Mystery Comics after this issue

80,000 copies were produced of the first printing with an October 1939 date on the cover

The second printing could be identified by the October 1939 date blacked out, replaced with November 1939

The first printing sold out within a week and was quickly reprinted at a quantity of 800,000, the same as Superman #1

Although published in October, the cover date was changed to have a longer on-sale period at newsstands

💰 In March 2022, a 9.2 known as the Pay Copy due to publisher notations that tracked creator payouts sold for $2.42 million

DC ⋅ 1940

Key Facts

1st appearance of the Joker

1st appearance of the Cat, Selina Kyle, later becomes Catwoman

Debut of the first Batplane which has multiple designs from one issue to the next including Batman #3 and Batman #4

💰 Batman #1 sold for over one million dollars 3x with a record-high in 9.4 for $2,220,000


Key Facts

1st appearance and origin of Spider-Man

1st appearance and death of Uncle Ben

1st appearance of Aunt May

1st appearance of Flash Thompson

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1st appearance of Liz Allan, later marries Harry Osborn

💰 In Sept. 2021, a 9.6 sale of $3.6 million surpassed the previous record in this grade of $1.1 million from 2011


Key Facts

1st team appearance and origin of the Fantastic Four: Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, The Thing

1st appearance of Mole Man

1st appearance of Giganto, a Deviant Mutate from Monster Isle

1st appearance of Tricephalous

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Landmark issue that launched the Marvel Age of comics

💰 In April 2022, a 9.2 sold for $1.5 million

[SDCC 2022 - Phase 6 will open with the Fantastic Four film / March 2023 - Josh Friedman (‘Avatar: The Way of Water’) is set to write the script for the Fantastic Four movie / November 2023 - Pedro Pascal rumored to have been offered the role of Reed Richards]


Key Facts

1st appearance and origin of Captain America

1st appearance of James Buchanan Barnes aka Bucky, later becomes the Winter Soldier

1st appearance of the Red Skull, George Maxon, an agent of the true Red Skull

1st appearance of Doctor Reinstein aka Doctor Erskine, the inventor of the Super Soldier serum

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1st appearance of Hurricane, later becomes Makkari

1st appearance of Tuk the Cave Boy, first offspring of the Inhumans

Introduction of Project Rebirth, the Super Soldier Program that eventually expanded into Weapon Plus

💰 In April 2022, a 9.4 sold for $3,120,000 (San Francisco Pedigree)

📣 Signature Auction: New High [Previous High]

3.0 sold for $156,000 [$144,000 in 2022] +8%


Key Facts

1st appearance of Batman

1st appearance of Commissioner Gordon

💰 Detective Comics #27 has sold for over one million dollars 6x with a record high sale in 6.5 for $1.8 million (April 2024)

📣 Signature Auction: New High [Previous High]

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3.0 sold for $600,000 [$217,500 in 2013] +176%

In 2010, a 6.0 sold for for $25,000 LESS than this sale


Key Facts

Premiere issue of headlining Superman title

Origin of Superman

1st appearance of Ma and Pa Kent

First pin-up poster in comics, on back cover

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🌎 Currently holds the world record for the highest comic sale in history after an 8.0 Edgar Church copy sold for $5.3 million dollars in Jan 2022

📣 Signature Auction: New High [Previous High]

CVA / INCOMPLETE 1.0 sold for $138,000 [$108,000 in Jun] +28%

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