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Nick’s Picks Weekly

NEW WEEKLY CATEGORY! A curated list of unique finds and impressive sales found on eBay, refreshed every Wednesday 

Low $150
Mid $500
High $1.6k
  • Extremely scarce "Bone Claw" error variant, printed without foil (some are reported to have flecks of silver foil)
  • In X-Men #25 (1993) Magneto stripped the adamantium that was fused to Logan's bones by the Weapon X Project, returning the mutant to his natural form
  • Six years later, in this anniversary issue celebrating 25 years of Wolverine, the adamantium is re-laced to his skeleton by Apocalypse, extracting it from Sabretooth and transferring it to Logan to serve as the Horseman Death
  • There is a silver foil and gold foil (2nd printing) edition to mark this historic return to Wolverine's most iconic feature which makes the irony of the error that much more intriguing
Low $25
Mid $75
High $250
  • Partial preview, black and white uncorrected proof of Static #1
  • Promotional printing sent to retailers for display purposes
  • Warner Bros has confirmed a Static movie is in-development which is causing rare collectibles to be dusted off and listed for sale
  • There is a foreword by DC's marketing executive at the time, Marco Palmieri introducing the title with a spelling error in the first sentence, 'Virgil Hawkins never new what hit him.'
  • Be cautious with black and white previews similar to this that sell for significant amounts that can be easily counterfeited with modern printing accessibility
Low $30
Mid $90
High $330
  • Variant cover art by Tony Harris (1:1000)
  • 'Red Arm Spotlight' variant
  • After crash-landing on a hostile planet named Taul, a group of droids depend on one another for survival, each being picked-off by the planet's dangers
  • C-3P0 is nearly dragged away by a Tar monster but only loses an arm as he is saved by a droid who later sacrifices himself to ensure the survival of C-3PO
  • C-3PO salvages the droid's arm and keeps it as a reminder even though it offends his aesthetic sensibilities
Low $30
Mid $90
High $350
  • Variant cover art by Matt Wagner, creator of Grendel
  • 'Silver Moon' Platinum Foil Edition, limited to 25 copies
  • Obtained by winning a contest facilitated by Hero Illustrated Magazine
  • The gold stamp is part of the proprietary Hero Illustrated protective slipcase and not on the actual comic
  • This much anticipated publisher crossover was written in 1991 but was delayed due to Comico going through bankruptcy proceedings. DC eventually published the story in 1993
Low $30
Mid $90
High $300
  • Subscriber Exclusive Edition
  • Cover art featuring Ahsoka Tano
  • Star Wars Insider is the official Star Wars magazine spun-off from the Star Wars Fan Club Newsletter
Low $35
Mid $110
High $380
  • Red foil title, Skybound exclusive
  • Reprint of The Walking Dead #1 in full color
  • Skybound/Image introduced limited edition foil variants with Negan Lives, then Fire Power and now The Walking Dead
  • The Ruby Red foil is the most limited, followed by Gold, Silver and Bronze, in that order but not all issues are released with every foil expression
Low $3
Mid $9
High $35
  • Cover art by Frank Cho featuring Shanna the She-Devil
  • Shanna was originally introduced in 1972 with titles Night Nurse and Claws of the Cat, marketed toward a female audience
  • In 2005, the oft-censored Frank Cho put his own spin on the character, changing her hair color from red to blonde and creating a different origin for a seven-issue limited series that led into additional runs and a team-up with Wolverine in the Savage Land
Low $50
Mid $150
High $500
  • Variant cover art by Robbie Biederman
  • Promotional comic included with the purchase of a 2014 Hyundai Tucson along with a zombie apocalypse-themed survival kit
  • Reprint of The Walking Dead #1 (2003)
  • There is also a Black Friday 10th Anniversary variant that looks identical from the front cover but the back cover of the Hyundai variant has the car company's logo and slogan
Low $10
Mid $30
High $100
  • 128-page oversized trade paperback
  • Collects Hard Boiled (1990) #1 - #3
  • Written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Geoff Darrow, this collection of the three-issue miniseries is printed in black and white, without original text narration
  • Original retail price: $29.95
  • Value reflects the average sale of two books sold on eBay, a third sale in original shrink wrapping sold for $340
Low $18
Mid $65
High $180
  • Four-page, black and white story inserted in Comic Buyer's Guide #1070
  • Written and illustrated by Mike Mignola
  • Reprinted in Hellboy: Seed of Destruction 1995 collection and the 2018 Omnibus
  • Value reflects the four-page supplement removed from the Comic Buyer's Guide fanzine
Low $1
Mid $2
High $10
  • Wraparound cover art by Sara Pichelli featuring Miles Morales swinging through Harlem
  • 15-page feature with exclusive details on the 2020 PlayStation game including: Miles' powers, the playable world, unlockable suits, the new skill tree and more
Low $20
Mid $85
High $225
  • Back cover art by Mark Brooks depicting Princess Leia
  • CGC displays graded copies of the programs so that the back cover art is displayed with the front-facing label
Low $18
Mid $55
High $170
  • Painted back cover art by Dave Dorman
  • Composition inspired by the 1981 movie Raiders of the Lost Ark with Boba Fett replacing Indiana Jones, saving Marion Ravenwood