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Novel Adaptations

A categorical listing of Novel Adaptations curated by Key Collector Comics.

Low $30
Mid $90
High $300
  • Adaptation of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice In Wonderland'
  • First printing identified by a $0.10 cover price and the letters/numbers HRN 47
  • There are often multiple reprints of a Classics Illustrated publication with similar if not exactly the same front cover details
  • One method of identification used by the industry is the "code" HRN which means Highest Reorder Number
  • In the case of Alice In Wonderland, the first printing is HRN 47
  • Simply put, on the back cover (see image) there are 47 titles in the yellow box numbered 1 - 47
  • These were the other titles available to order from the publisher. The company continued to adapt classic novels in comic book form month after month which would be added to the back cover
  • Alice In Wonderland second printing would be described in Overstreet or an eBay listing as HRN 64 meaning 64 titles are listed on the back cover instead of 47
  • Third printing - HRN 85
  • Fourth printing - HRN 155
  • Fifth printing - HRN 165
  • Sixth printing - HRN 167
Low $15
Mid $50
High $150
  • Comic book adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic novel of the same name
  • 1 page text article detailing the story of Orson Welles' 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds that allegedly caused hysteria among listeners who mistook it for an emergency news bulletin that aliens were invading Earth
  • First printing can be identified by viewing the back cover at how many other Classics Illustrated books are listed. This issue's first printing will show 125 titles printed on the back cover
  • Some listings may describe the first printing as HRN 125
Low $5
Mid $15
High $50
  • Comic book adaptation of the Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum
Low $9
Mid $20
High $90
  • 100-page, softcover trade paperback
  • Comic book adaptation of the short story 'Rawhead Rex' by Clive Barker, originally published in Books of Blood volume 3
  • Comic book adaptation of the short story 'Twilight at the Towers' by Clive Barker, originally published in Books of Blood volume 6
Low $1
Mid $2
High $10
  • Four-issue limited series, 48-pages adapted from Hunter S. Thompson's novel of the same name
Low $1
Mid $2
High $4
  • Variant second printing cover art by Martin Morazzo