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Tuesday Dealer's Choice category  Last week we featured Top 10 Auction Results. This week we rounded up some undervalued key issues Thank you for utilizing the eBay links when making  ANY purchase and contributing to the continued development of Key Collector Comics 

Low $3
Mid $9
High $25
  • 1st partial cover appearance of Venom
  • 2nd appearance of Venom
Low $450
Mid $1.5k
High $7.6k
  • 1st appearance of Loki, the Norse god of mischief
  • 1st appearance of Balder, half-brother of Thor
  • 1st appearance of Heimdall, guardian of Bifrost
  • 1st appearance of Tyr, the Norse god of War
  • 1st cameo appearance of Odin, the All-Father (seen from behind)
  • 3rd appearance of Thor
  • 📉 Comparing Loki's first appearance to Doc Ock in Amazing Spider-Man and Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four #5:
  • Loki was published 3 months after Doom, 9 months before Ock
  • Lowest quantity of graded books: ASM #3 = 1,836 / FF #5 = 1,388 / JIM #85 = 1,021
  • JIM #85 sells for approx. $4,000 - $8,000 lower than Doom's first appearance
  • JIM #85 sells for $1,000 - $3,000 below Doc Ock's first
  • Why? Because Journey Into Mystery isn't a flagship title like Fantastic Four and Spider-Man
  • The Scarlet Witch and Vision's first appearances faced a difficult challenge of posting gains above their 2014/15 Age of Ultron peak but it happened
  • X-Men #4 has double and tripled in value over the past month selling for $13k in March versus $4,500 in 2020
  • Loki will premiere later in the year on Disney+
Low $85
Mid $300
High $850
  • 2nd appearance of Captain America in the Silver Age
  • First solo battle of the Hulk versus the Thing, briefly fought in Fantastic Four #12
  • Cover appearance of the Hulk versus the Thing
  • 📉 One of the greatest rivalries in the Marvel Universe seems like a likely contender for the big screen and once this is merely hinted at, expect some major fireworks
  • Fantastic Four #12 is the first time these two trade blows but the whole team is battling the Hulk
  • Fantastic Four #25 is the first solo battle between the two and has the added awesomeness of a cover portrayal
  • A 6.0 of this issue sells for about $350 versus Fantastic Four #12 at $1,600. A 9.6 all time high was $15k versus FF #12's $56k high which has since dropped to $35k over the past 5 years
  • Everything below a 5.0 has sold for under $250
Low $10
Mid $30
High $100
  • First solo Wolverine title
  • 1st cameo appearance of Yukio
  • First use of the phrase, 'I'm the best there is at what I do' in Wolverine's narration
  • 📉 Every week Hulk #180, #181 and Giant Size X-Men move further out of budget for many collectors
  • One could make the argument that this is Wolverine’s most significant key issue behind his first cameo, full and appearance on the X-Men
  • 9.8s are starting to increase in value but other grades have mostly remained flat and ungraded copies listed NM can still be had for $100 or lower which is insane, especially considering it’s a Frank Miller cover
  • The downside is that there are a lot of graded 9.8s but that hasn’t slowed down Deadpool’s first appearance
Low $4
Mid $12
High $40
  • Premiere issue of Wolverine's first ongoing solo series
  • Debut of black Wolverine costume
  • 📉 Similar to Wolverine's limited series, the first ongoing is surprisingly inexpensive
Low $12
Mid $40
High $200
  • 1st partial team appearance and origin of The Eternals and The Deviants
  • 1st appearance of Ikaris
  • [Richard Madden cast as Ikaris]
  • 1st appearance of Kro and Brother Tode, Deviants and enemies of The Eternals
  • [April 2020 - a list of Funko toys related to the Eternals has leaked including two unannounced characters: Kro, a Deviant and Arishem the Judge, a Celestial. Marvel Legends also has a new Kro figure]
  • 1st appearance of Margo Damian
  • 📉 This issue has cooled down considerably since July 2019 but 9.8s have recently spiked to all-time high levels with an average sale of $1,880 over a 90 day cycle
  • 9.6s have a 90 day average of $470
  • 9.4 90 day average is $275
  • 9.2 90 day average is $230
  • 9.0 90 day average is $185 and the rest fall below $150
  • Understandably, this is a team book and these keys don’t perform as well as individual appearances but The Eternals is going to be a very big movie that delves into the history of the entire Marvel Universe
  • As it currently stands, the Hobgoblin’s first appearance in 9.8 sells for 2x as much as this issue
Low $4
Mid $12
High $40
  • First solo series featuring The Punisher
  • Five-issue limited series
  • 📉 Similar to Wolverine's limited series, the first solo title of The Punisher is slow to follow in the footsteps of his first appearance
  • The Punisher #1 is particularly interesting because of how few 9.8s are on the census at 364 (unsigned) copies versus Wolverine #1 (1982) 2,893
  • Even more mind-blowing, the total number of Punisher #1 graded copies, unsigned is 16% of Wolverine #1 (2,170 versus 14,113 graded copies)
Low $30
Mid $90
High $315
  • Rebirth of HIM, renamed Warlock by the High Evolutionary
  • Debut of Warlock's costume including an unnamed emerald, later revealed to be the Soul Infinity Stone
  • 📉 It'd be an odd choice for a name drop of Adam at the end of GotG Vol. 2 to not refer to Adam Warlock. James Gunn has confirmed interest in introducing the character but has recently denied this confirmation, a possible feint considering Kevin Feige has stated Adam Warlock was to be seeded in Infinity War but decided to wait until Guardians
  • At the height of these rumors, Marvel Premiere #1 in all grades sold for nearly twice as high as they do now
Low $20
Mid $120
High $455
  • 1st full appearance of Norman Osborn, not in Green Goblin costume, identified by name
  • 1st appearance of Mendel Stromm, later becomes Gaunt and then Robot Master
  • 📉 Spider-Man movies are going to be around for awhile and we've already heard Osborn is going to be introduced. Although this isn't the FIRST appearance of Osborn as Green Goblin, it is Osborn as a businessman akin to Lex Luthor and therefore gets its own Key Issue designation
  • By comparison, this issue sells for about 1/3 of the price that Kingpin's first appearance sells for in The Amazing Spider-Man #50
Low $45
Mid $120
High $350
  • 1st appearance and origin of Iron Fist
  • 1st appearance of Yu-Ti, a Dragon Lord
  • 1st team appearance of the Dragon Kings
  • 📉 When Iron Fist was first announced as a show being developed for Netflix, the anticipation catapulted this book from $2,500 to $5k
  • The show was not entirely well-received with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 37% but the MCU could turn that around and let's not rule out the possibility of Shang-Chi hinting at Iron Fist
  • This is a property that has a lot of potential for Marvel as it is set-up for any number of actors to step into the role as there have been multiple Iron Fists in the mythology
  • In 9.8 and many other grades, the value of this issue has dropped back down to pre-Netflix days
  • There are 72 copies graded 9.8 versus Shang-Chi's 97 yet Shang-Chi's first sells for 2x-3x higher than Iron Fist
Low $115
Mid $400
High $1.1k
  • 1st appearance of Mandarin
  • [2019 - confirmed villain in Shang-Chi]
  • 1st appearance of the Mandarin's rings
  • 📉 Nobody is talking about this book and very few are buying it but if any character has a day of redemption headed their way, it's the Mandarin
  • Iron Man 3 gave us a phony Mandarin but Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings practically promises to deliver the goods on Mandarin with even the subtitle being a reference to the villain
  • To put into perspective how grossly undervalued this book is, the latest sale of an 8.5 went for $1,657. There are 28 copies graded 8.5 on the census
  • Electro, introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #9 during the same month, sells for twice as much and the census reports 85 copies graded 8.5