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Low $155k
Mid $475k
High $2.8M
  • 1st appearance of Superman
  • 1st appearance of Lois Lane
  • 1st appearance of Zatara, Zatanna's father
  • 1st appearance of Tex Thompson, later becomes Mr. America
Low $330
Mid $975
High $4.1k
  • Tex Thompson becomes Mr. America, and later a member of the All-Star Squadron
Low $300
Mid $1k
High $3.8k
  • Mr. America becomes Americommando, a secret commando under President FDR ordered to infiltrate the Axis powers
Low $1
Mid $2
High $9
  • 1st team appearance of The Crusaders: Americommando, Barracuda, Fireball, Rusty, Sparky