Low $20
Mid $75
High $265
  • 1st appearance of Blue Marvel, a powerful black superhero forced into retirement in the 60s due to his race.
  • The rare type of book that seems to be in demand whether there is news or not.
  • This book has been slowly climbing for months and is hitting big numbers in CGC 9.8 now with a new all-time record high of approx. $1,500. (Aug 2020)
  • Carl Lumbly has been cast in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in an unknown role that is speculated to be either Isaiah Bradley or Adam Brashear, Blue Marvel.
  • 1st appearance of Anti-Man.
  • 17,000 estimated copies ordered by retailers.
Publisher Marvel
Published January 2009
Written By Kevin Grevioux
Illustrated By Mat Broome