Low $30
Mid $90
High $315
  • 1st full appearance of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel (interior story) and Tanalth the Pursuer.
  • 1:75 variant cover art by Steve McNiven.
  • Rocketing onto the list two weeks ago with a monster 9.8 sale of $3,750, this book has since become quite the subject of conversation both good and bad.
  • The Good: sales were strong this week with a 9.8 copy selling for $3,250 on eBay (this copy has been widely reported as selling for $5,000. We contacted the seller who provided proof to us that the sale was in fact a buy-it-now at the lower price and the full ask final auction price displayed in a completed item search on eBay is an uncommon but unfortunately not unique eBay display error).
  • Additional sales of note this week include a CGC 9.6 copy at $2,200. A 9.8 copy of the 2nd print at $1,450 and several 9.8 sales of the regular cover in the $900 range.
  • Now the Bad: rumors are swirling that someone has been reaching out to big money collectors claiming to have more than one hundred but less than one thousand copies of this book for sale in bundles at a below market price.
  • We have yet to verify these rumors beyond a shadow of a doubt but feel confident enough in the evidence we have seen to include this information as a warning to collectors.
  • If true, even if released to the market slowly and carefully over a year or more, the sheer quantity of copies being discussed would outpace demand and likely have a large and long lasting impact on prices. One that could take a decade or longer to recover from
  • Not to mention that the copies were very likely obtained illegally at some point during production, distribution or warehousing.
  • This scenario has long been a fear for collectors of modern keys as the mechanics of printing are such that it makes sense for publishers to produce far more copies of a book (including variants) than are needed (in case of damages) and then destroy excess at a later date.
  • However, publishers (with a few notable exceptions who are vigilant about excess like Brian Pulido, Vault Comics and pre-DMG Valiant) have been known to send excess copies to markets they believe will not be traced back despite the probable hit to collectors.
  • Stories abound of collectors pulling Ultimate Fallout #4 1:25 variants from comic bundles at Five Below stores in the early 2010s. A fact that kept that book at reasonable prices despite the spectacular popularity of Miles Morales for almost a decade.
  • Similar events have been seen in the Silver and Bronze Age. Most notably, the Mile High II collection included dozens (if not hundreds) of copies of blue chip books like Fantastic Four #48 and Incredible Hulk #181 and kept prices on both well below contemporaries for decades.
  • The Ugly: The rumors have spread wide enough that initial signs of a premature slow down for this book are present.
  • 9.8 copies of the regular editions were on their way to $1k in 9.8 last week and have started to retreat as of late with copies in the $850-$880 range in the last 48 hours albeit with plenty of copies still changing hands.
  • Similarly, the McNiven cover and the 2nd print are both down approx 25% from last weeks highs.
  • Interest is likely to continue to shift over to Captain Marvel #17 2nd print.
  • Estimated retailer orders for All-New Marvel Now Point One #1 of approximately 32,929.
Publisher Marvel
Published March 2014
Written By Various Writers
Illustrated By Steve McNiven