Low $90
Mid $300
High $1.2k
  • Newsstand Edition, indicated by the barcode
  • 1st full appearance of Venom
  • 💬 Bry's Outlook: this is a completely shocking sale of over $20k for a newsstand in 9.8, probably purchased by someone with F.U. money that just saw the movie and wanted the top Venom Key
  • From an investment standpoint, unless you plan on a long-term investment, I'd suggest you steer clear although I do think the value will sustain and even increase but not for quite some time
  • You'd be better off aiming for a 9.6 newsstand because there should be some price corrections coming based on this sale
  • Fair warning - don't pay Newsstand prices for anything lower than a 9.0 because that's where the difference in existing graded copies begin to be the same for Direct Editions
Publisher Marvel
Published May 1988
Written By Unknown
Illustrated By Todd McFarlane