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  • One-shot collection of serialized stories chronicling the adventures of Cyberzerker and his Atomahawk, originally published in Heavy Metal Magazine #282, 284, 286
  • [May 2021 - we've sounded the alarm on Atomahawk once before based on a vague tweet from writer Donny Cates that turned out to be a Kickstarter campaign for a toy that included an origin story written by legendary comic scribe, Grant Morrison. Again Cates reports "Atomahawk news coming soon" which could be an update on the campaign. It should be noted in April 2021, Heavy Metal announced plans to expand into film and TV with Range Media Partners and hired a production studio president. All of this being said without knowing who holds the rights to Atomahawk but assuming it’s creator-owned considering the KS campaign]
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Published October 2017
Written By Donny Cates
Illustrated By Ian Bederman