Low $45
Mid $215
High $850
  • 1st appearance of Dane Whitman, becomes the third Black Knight
  • [Kit Harrington cast as Dane Whitman]
  • 💬 Bry's Comics Analysis
  • It can’t be understated how much the Black Knight could mean to the MCU without Captain America and Iron Man
  • Harrington has the right vibe for a virtuous but inexperienced hero to develop over time into something greater with audiences following his journey along the way
  • This Captain America-type path could mean this second most significant key of the character could experience massive gains as well
  • 🥈 Runner-Up: New High [Previous High]
  • 9.8 sold for $8,700 [$5,950 in May] +46%
Publisher Marvel
Published December 1967
Written By Roy Thomas
Illustrated By Don Heck