Low $30
Mid $90
High $350
  • 2nd cameo appearance of Kamala Khan (interior).
  • 1st cover appearance of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel.
  • Variant second printing cover art by Adrian Alphona.
  • A strong price of $2,900 for a 9.8 (all-time high of $3,500) is the only notable sale (August 2020) for a book that is proving difficult to obtain.
  • There are surprisingly few copies available for sale publicly for a book that has doubled in value this year (2019 average price in 9.8 was $1,500).
  • Traditionally, a price hike like this would draw out copies but collectors seem determined to hold for now.
  • The few copies that are available are priced significantly above market and with no robust sales activity the book is starting to cool.
  • What's more, All New Marvel Now! Point One has started to pick up again.
  • Rumors still swirl of a large stash of uncirculated copies of the McNiven variant in the hands of one person who may have obtained them outside of the above board channels.
  • These rumors, first reported here, have for the time being stopped the flow of those copies to the market but have also made collectors cautious about the variant.
  • Instead they shifted attention to Captain Marvel #17 2nd print but now with copies hard to obtain we're seeing an increase in demand for the regular cover of ANMNPO.
  • The regular cover of All New Marvel Point One broke four digits for the first time with a 9.8 sale at $1k.
  • We've also begun to see demand uptick for the Captain Marvel #17 variant and Captain Marvel #14 (1st cameo of Kamala). Especially the 1:30 Amanda Conner variant and the Newsstand which is notoriously rare.
  • With Miles Morales topping the charts, collectors looking at the sky high prices of the Ultimate Fallout #4 Djurdjevic variant have a strong incentive to get in on this book before it hits those heights.
  • @ax prediction of the week: The Kamala cameo/first app saga is crazy confusing and Captain Marvel #17 2nd print is the most well known book for collectors not paying attention. It will be this book that separates itself.
  • The dark horse is the Captain Marvel #14 Newsstand edition which is the rarest edition of this very first appearance of Kamala. Much like the Ultimate Fallout #4 Newsstand this book is already much sought after, rarely surfaces and only a handful of copies are known to exist.
  • A live action Disney+ series has been announced by Marvel Studios which should continue to focus attention on Kamala and this book.
Publisher Marvel
Published January 2014
Written By Unknown
Illustrated By Adrian Alphona