Low $120
Mid $400
High $1.2k
  • 1st appearance of Spider-Gwen.
  • 1:25 Land variant.
  • Diversity books are cooling but still have life in them.
  • This week we saw a copy of this variant set a new all-time record with a $6,750 private transaction (up from a previous high of a lone $6,000 sale and cementing that territory as the range for this book).
  • Similarly, an 8.5 graded copy of the 1:25 Ultimate Fallout #4 variant sold for $1,850 (up from $600) and a 9.8 copy of the 2nd print of Captain Marvel #17 sold for $3,305. The second highest sale ever behind the high of $3,500. This is on the back of casting news for Kamala Khan.
  • Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales storylines and fan bases overlap significantly (they are even married with spider-powered kids on Earth-8).
  • Along with Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen is the only other Enter the Spider-Verse character who did not see a dip in interest post movie but in fact saw steady gains.
  • CGC 9.8 copies of the regular cover have slipped slightly as chatter has begun to shift to the Land variant and black error edition.
  • 2nd through 5th printings exist. Spider-Gwen #0 and its 2nd print, both of which reprint Edge of Spider-Verse #2, are often referred to as Edge of Spider-Verse #2 6th & 7th prints.
  • A black error edition of the 1st print exists in which the background is black rather than maroon & Spider-Gwen's costume is darker. Estimates put the run at approx. 500 copies. And to date grading companies do not notate the difference making this book both an opportunity for collectors and one that is hard to identify.
Publisher Marvel
Published November 2014
Written By Unknown
Illustrated By Greg Land