Low $12
Mid $40
High $200
  • 1st partial team appearance and origin of The Eternals and The Deviants
  • 1st appearance of Ikaris
  • [Richard Madden cast as Ikaris]
  • 1st appearance of Kro and Brother Tode, Deviants and enemies of The Eternals
  • [April 2020 - a list of Funko toys related to the Eternals has leaked including two unannounced characters: Kro, a Deviant and Arishem the Judge, a Celestial. Marvel Legends also has a new Kro figure]
  • 1st appearance of Margo Damian
  • 📉 This issue has cooled down considerably since July 2019 but 9.8s have recently spiked to all-time high levels with an average sale of $1,880 over a 90 day cycle
  • 9.6s have a 90 day average of $470
  • 9.4 90 day average is $275
  • 9.2 90 day average is $230
  • 9.0 90 day average is $185 and the rest fall below $150
  • Understandably, this is a team book and these keys don’t perform as well as individual appearances but The Eternals is going to be a very big movie that delves into the history of the entire Marvel Universe
  • As it currently stands, the Hobgoblin’s first appearance in 9.8 sells for 2x as much as this issue
Publisher Marvel
Published July 1976
Written By Jack Kirby
Illustrated By Jack Kirby