Low $85
Mid $300
High $850
  • 2nd appearance of Captain America in the Silver Age
  • First solo battle of the Hulk versus the Thing, briefly fought in Fantastic Four #12
  • Cover appearance of the Hulk versus the Thing
  • 📉 One of the greatest rivalries in the Marvel Universe seems like a likely contender for the big screen and once this is merely hinted at, expect some major fireworks
  • Fantastic Four #12 is the first time these two trade blows but the whole team is battling the Hulk
  • Fantastic Four #25 is the first solo battle between the two and has the added awesomeness of a cover portrayal
  • A 6.0 of this issue sells for about $350 versus Fantastic Four #12 at $1,600. A 9.6 all time high was $15k versus FF #12's $56k high which has since dropped to $35k over the past 5 years
  • Everything below a 5.0 has sold for under $250
Publisher Marvel
Published April 1964
Written By Stan Lee
Illustrated By Jack Kirby