Low $460
Mid $1.6k
High $5.7k
  • 1st appearance of Silver Surfer.
  • 1st cameo appearance of Galactus.
  • Rounding out the list this week at number 10 is another blue chip book with MCU anticipation fueling it.
  • Like Giant Size X-Men #1 and Hulk #181, Collectors expect Marvel Studios to introduce the first family into their cinematic universe now that the rights (held by Fox) are under Disney control.
  • Collectors are racing to pick up copies before major news is announced causing prices to soar.
  • This week, a 9.6 White Page copy (I'm sensing a trend with these White Page books) sold in the Heritage Platinum Session Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction for a other wordly $21,000 obliterating the previous record of $18,000.
  • Raws are selling consistently as well and are now at the $1k mark for mid grades.
  • This is after a CGC 9.8 white pager set an all-time record two weeks ago of $42,500 at the ComicLink Summer Featured Auction and a copy of Fantastic Four 5 CGC 9.4 (1st Dr. Doom) hit $84k on Comic Connect the same week (up from $66k).
  • Collectors are also moving to major blue chip keys after spending the first half of 2020 firmly focused on moderns.
Publisher Marvel
Published March 1966
Written By Stan Lee (1922 - 2018)
Illustrated By Jack Kirby