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  • First mention of the Negative Zone
  • 2nd appearance of Wyatt Wingfoot
  • Classic story "This Man…This Monster!"
  • ✅ In the book, All of the Marvels (October 2021) writer Douglas Wolk asserts that the entirety of Marvel's published comics is the longest continuous, self-contained work of fiction ever created. After reading 27,000 issues over the course of five years, he presents an analysis of the narrative that courses through the epic saga of monthly comics beginning in 1961 and continues through today. His presentation does not begin with Fantastic Four #1 but instead begins with this issue. It is in this issue, the writer believes, that Jack Kirby and Stan Lee discovered the precise measurements of galactic fantasy and human anguish in proper complementary doses to produce the source code for Marvel storytelling to endure throughout the decades
Publisher Marvel
Published June 1966
Written By Stan Lee
Illustrated By Jack Kirby