Low $270
Mid $850
High $3.8k
  • 1st appearance of the Black Panther, T'Challa king of Wakanda
  • Driving interest in this book is undoubtedly the legacy of Chadwick Boseman, the tragedy of his death and the inspiring realization of a black pioneering character of historical significance in pop culture history brought to life
  • None will fill the shoes of the King of Wakanda, but character names we’ve heard that could carry the film forward are Shuri, M’Baku and Kevin Cole
  • THIS WEEK’S RECORD BREAKERS: CGC 8.5 sale: $4,800 [previous high: $3,800]
  • CGC 7.5 sale: $2,800 [previous high: $2,250]
Publisher Marvel
Published July 1966
Written By Stan Lee
Illustrated By Jack Kirby