Low $425
Mid $1.3k
High $3.2k
  • 1st appearance of the new X-Men.
  • 1st appearance of Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Thunderbird. 3rd appearance of Wolverine (some resources label this the 2nd full appearance).
  • 1st appearance of Illyana Rasputin (as a child) and Krakoa, the Living Island.
  • 1st use of 'snikt' sound effect.
  • Coming in at number 7 is a book that is riding a tsunami of interest in the X-Men coming to the MCU.
  • No record breakers this week but a massive volume of sales and some very strong sales on ComicLink keep this book on fire.
  • Last month, during the Heritage Platinum Session Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction we saw a CGC 9.8 White Page copy end at a whopping $19,200 (up from the previous all-time high of $16,257).
  • One week later, the book proved that this new price point was here to stay as an off-white page copy sold on eBay for $18,075.
  • This week, we saw top 5 prices for virtually every grade in the nine points and a joint all-time high for the CGC 7.5
  • This book has seen incredible gains this year but feels like it still has room to grow.
  • And with X-Men in the MCU news in our future there is plenty of reasons for it to catch up.
  • Quick recap: When the Disney acquisition of Fox was announced in 2018 it sent X-Men keys (which had been to that point overlooked by collectors in favor of keys involving the MCU characters) rocketing to new heights.
  • When it comes to the X-Men, Marvel Studios will most certainly deviate from the territory mined by Fox.  The smart money is on Marvel to focus on characters that the public is familiar with especially those that were popularized by the animated shows. Conveniently for collectors, many of those classic characters were introduced in this issue.
Publisher Marvel
Published May 1975
Written By Len Wein
Illustrated By Dave Cockrum