Low $425
Mid $1.3k
High $3.2k
  • 1st appearance of the new X-Men.
  • 1st appearance of Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Thunderbird. 3rd appearance of Wolverine (some resources label this the 2nd full appearance).
  • 1st appearance of Illyana Rasputin (as a child) and Krakoa, the Living Island.
  • 1st use of 'snikt' sound effect.
  • Turtle power is too much for the mighty mutants of Marvel this week as GSX 1 slips to number 2 but the book remains Trinidad Moruga Scorpion hot (that's the second hottest pepper in the world at 2 million Scoville Heat Units for all you Capsicum obsessed botanists).
  • Last week, during the Heritage Platinum Session Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction a CGC 9.8 White Page copy closed out at a whopping $19,200 (up from the previous all-time high of $16,257).
  • This week we saw an off-white page copy sell on eBay for $18,075. Putting the White Page bump at approx. just 5% (well below the premium we've seen collectors willing to pay) and proving that the big jump was not a one off.
  • Additionally, we saw several new records including an CGC 8.5 copy that sold for a new record in grade of $3,400 (up from $3,333).
  • A CGC 4.0 copy that sold for a new record in grade of $1,490 (up from $1,170).
  • A CGC 2.0 copy that sold for a new record in grade of $825 (up from $760).
  • Meanwhile, almost every other grade is matching all-time highs and the volume of copies being sold continues to skyrocket.
  • This book has seen incredible gains this year but this may just be the build up. The slightest whiff of MCU news will likely set this powder-keg ablaze.
  • And if that happens GSX won't be alone. Hulk #181 is already following close behind (See below) and new highs for X-Men #1 (1st X-Men) are likely to be just around the corner.
  • Don't fret that these books are already in the stratosphere. There are still undervalued X-Men keys to be had. Grab the criminally underpriced X-Men #54 (1st Havok), X-Men 129 (1st Kitty Pryde), X-Men 244 (1st Jubilee) & X-Men 266 (1st-ish Gambit) while you can. Especially Newsstand editions where available.
  • Marvel Studios will likely want to deviate from the territory Fox mined with the X-Men and the smart money is on them focusing on the underused in the films but better known by the public characters that were popularized in the animated shows. It's no surprise that many of those first appear in Giant Size X-Men.
  • Quick recap: When the Disney acquisition of Fox was announced in 2018 it sent X-Men keys (which had been to that point overlooked by collectors in favor of keys involving the MCU characters) rocketing to new heights.
  • As the first wave of FOMO took hold and collectors scrambled to pick up copies, books from all periods of X-Men history made big jumps.
  • Among the most sought after was Giant Size X-Men #1 followed by Hulk #181 (1st Wolverine but more on that shortly) and X-Men #1 (1st X-Men). GSX 1 in 9.8 went from an average price of $6,500 in 2017 to $10k in 2018. In 2019, as collectors found new books du jour to chase, GSX started slipping lower down want lists and gains slowed. Volume remained high and 9.6 & 9.8 copies (especially those with much sought after White Pages) were still event books when they became available with 9.8's averaging just under $12k for the year.
  • The beginning of 2020 saw GSX slip off of want lists, gains halted and the book even retreated slightly (approx. 20%) in some grades but maintained prices well above pre-2018 levels overall.
  • Then a few weeks ago, in the middle of Miles fever and likely driven by comparisons to the incredible prices his 1st appearance began fetching, GSX started creeping back onto collectors' want lists again.
Publisher Marvel
Published May 1975
Written By Len Wein
Illustrated By Dave Cockrum