Low $60
Mid $180
High $600
  • 1985 San Diego Comic Con exclusive, limited to 400 copies
  • Signed by Alan Moore and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity, printed on gold-colored paper
  • There are even rarer copies of the Gold CoA edition that were signed by Alan Moore in case someone made an error when hand-numbering the certificates
  • These copies were not destroyed but sold at the convention and can be identified by the absence of numbering but Moore's signature is still on the first page, signed in pen
  • The lettering on the certificate was provided by the creator of Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai who is credited on the CoA
  • Sakai was not paid in cash, but instead accepted two copies of the gold CoA editions of Miracleman #1
  • Original convention exclusive cost: $50
  • The information above is from recalledcomics.com
Publisher Eclipse
Published August 1985
Written By Alan Moore
Illustrated By Alan Davis