Low $1
Mid $5
High $15
  • Incorrectly cited as the first published image of Spawn in an advertisement
  • According to spawnworld.com, the same advertisement appeared in multiple comics that went on-sale in April 1992: Evil Ernie #5, Re-Animator #2, Rocket Ranger #3, Rust #1, The Southern Squadron: Freedom of Information #4, Torg #3
  • In March 1992, one month prior to Rust #1, Spawn advertisements were printed in two comic books: Robotech II The Sentinels #13 and Torg #2
  • Prior to the publication of Robotech II #13 and Torg #2, Spawn appeared in numerous catalogs and fanzines
  • *Character Search "Spawn" for more information on early appearances
Publisher Adventure
Published April 1992
Written By Todd McFarlane
Illustrated By Todd McFarlane