Low $20
Mid $85
High $250
  • 1st appearance of Dream aka Morpheus
  • 1st appearance of Unity Kincaid
  • 1st appearance of Roderick Burgess
  • 1st appearance of Ethel Cripps
  • [Sandman Netflix series castings: Tom Sturridge is Dream, Charles Dance is Roderick Burgess, Sandra James Young is Unity Kincaid, Joely Richardson is Ethel Cripps]
  • 💬 Bry's Outlook: this book isn't exactly scarce with almost 1,000 copies graded 9.8 on the census but the same could be said for an altogether different book, New Mutants #98
  • Much of this book's future depends on the success of the series and investing in it will depend on the faith that you have in Netflix
  • If it's a major hit, this collectible could shoot through the roof as it has drawn the interest of an affluent audience over the years who delved into the graphic novels
  • To summarize: with the amount of inventory in existence, you'll likely find a good deal if you're not in a rush
Publisher DC Vertigo
Published January 1989
Written By Neil Gaiman
Illustrated By Dave McKean