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  • 1st appearance of Man-Thing, Ted Sallis, a scientist who developed a serum to protect soldiers from chemical warfare
  • The Super Soldier program known as Project Sulphur aka Weapon IV, had the unintended effect of transforming Ted Sallis into Man-Thing
  • 1st appearance of Ellen Brandt
  • 1st team appearance of the Femizons
  • [February 2021 - an Easter egg in WandaVision of Nexus medication plus Man-Thing's depiction on the Grandmaster's tower in Thor Ragnarok could signal an eventual introduction to the MCU]
  • [June 2021 - Nexus Events mentioned in Loki provide more weight to concept of the train station of the Multiverse that is guarded by Man-Thing]
Publisher Marvel
Published May 1971
Written By Roy Thomas
Illustrated By John Buscema