Low $30
Mid $100
High $350
  • 1st full appearance of King Shark.
  • 1st cover appearance of King Shark.
  • DC Universe logo in place of a barcode on the UPC.
  • Two months ago, right after the DC Fandome event, @x (in the immortal albiet paraphrased words of Maria, "that's-a me!") told you The Suicide Squad was the best looking opportunity for collectors and to pick up those 1st appearances stat.
  • Since then we've had several The Suicide Squad books pop onto the Hot 10 including Fightin' Five #40 (1st Peacemaker), Batman Adventures #12 (1st Harley Quinn) and this book.
  • In week 9 of the new Hot 10 list, I highlighted this book and said. "Watch out for the DC Universe logo edition which is rare, especially in high grades and has the potential to break out in the same way Newsstands have".
  • We got a lot of feedback that week about the choice but saw the book continue to sell well and appear in time on every one of the other major lists that track comic collecting (big fan btw, love you guys).
  • Several times since I've called out DC Universe logo books as a potential comics sleeping giant.
  • Why am I doing an 'I told you so' tour? Because I'm petty...and I'm going to issue a couple of @x tips at the end of this entry.
  • So what's happened since? A few weeks ago we had a one off sale of a CGC 9.8 DC Universe logo copy at a then all-time record for any edition of this book at $599.
  • I say one off because there just aren't many copies of the DC Universe logo version of this book in that grade.
  • Then this week, another CGC 9.8 DC Universe logo copy changes hands but this time for $699 in a private transaction.
  • This new all-time made the rounds as both the seller and buyer talked about the transaction and suddenly a slew of raw copies changed hands including several sales in the $150 range.
  • Momentum is with this book as King Shark was one of the two big WTF standouts of the movie trailer with everyone saying, 'holy, is he literally eating somebody?!'.
  •  Weasel is the other big standout to keep an eye on.
  • And with Newsstand editions now firmly becoming the biggest collecting trend of 2020 (even eclipsing diversity characters, Miles Morales and MCU X-Men) this DCU logo sleeping giant is likely to wake.
  • The Suicide Squad director, James Gunn did a great job with Guardians of the Galaxy and is expected to have built another winner here (especially with DC doubling down with a TV show to follow).
  • But he is also a massive geek and has promised many surprises and hidden easter eggs (our hive of super-spies tell us the villain may be Starro!).
  • Okay so @x tip time.
  • Tip 1. Don't sleep on these DCU logo books. Almost as rare and tough to find in high grade as Newsstands from the same era, they are still an order of magnitude cheaper and could easily see a big correction.
  • The best bets are 1st appearances like Green Lantern #48 (1st Kyle Rayner) and Superman: Man of Steel #18 (1st Doomsday). Check out the new 10 DCU logo books to watch category.
  • Tip 2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I expect Mark Jewelers variants to pop in a big way.
  • They are exactly where Newsstands were last year. There is a large group of collectors quietly searching these out. They are rare, tough in high grade, on some of the biggest books, still largely unknown to the majority of collectors and can hide in plain sight.
  • Once thought to rare to create a vibrant market, the MJ collectors have been very effective at fishing out copies especially in high grade. Just like the Newsstand collectors were.
  • In just the last month we've seen a private sale of a CGC 9.8 MJ Uncanny X-Men #266 at $2400 (direct 9.8s average $500 while Newsstand 9.8s average $750).
  • A private sale followed by an eBay sale of a CGC 9.8 MJ New Mutants #98 at $2,100 & then $2,200 (direct ave is $900 while Newsstand is $1,200).
  •  And a monster private sale of a CGC 9.8 MJ Incredible Hulk #340 at $4,000 (direct is $750, Newsstand is $1,500).
  • Not to mention a slew of mid grade MJ sales like a CGC 6.5 Werewolf By Night #32 at $1,975 on eBay (direct average is $1,100).
Publisher DC
Published November 1994
Written By Karl Kesel
Illustrated By Tom Grummett