Low $4.1k
Mid $18.5k
High $44k
  • 🏅#1 on the Hot 10
  • 1st appearance of Iron Man
  • Debut of Iron Man's 'Model 1' armor
  • 1st appearance of Wong-Chu, a Viet Cong warlord and Iron Man's first enemy
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 8.0 sold for $89,475 [$37,500 in May 2020] +139%
  • 7.0 sold for $47,970 [$20,400 in Nov] +135%
  • 4.0 sold for $15,000 [$12,600 in Aug] +19%
  • While these increases may seem unbelievable, consider the most recent sale of $144k for a 9.2 that occurred earlier this month, precisely double the $72k high that held the record since 2011
  • While ToS #39 isn't the scarcest of Silver Age Keys in 8.0 with 54 unsigned/unrestored copies on the census, the affinity that fans have for Tony Stark after Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of the character will make parting with these collectibles difficult for current owners
  • Since 2017, there have been only 8 copies in 8.0 on record that have sold
  • Of the 23 copies graded 9.0, only 4 transactions took place since 2017
  • The 9.2, which registers 17 copies on the census, has been listed for sale twice since 2017
  • 9.4s total 23 copies in existence with one sale on record in the past 6 years
  • There are 11 copies graded 9.6 between CGC and CBCS although there may have been some re-grading which would account for fewer copies in this grade and also offer a logical explanation as to why there hasn't been a sale since 2013
Publisher Marvel
Published March 1963
Written By Stan Lee
Illustrated By Don Heck