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  • Reference to the destruction of the DC Universe by the Black Winter, an entity that appears to those who are doomed as an enemy that was initially destined to destroy them
  • Cates alludes to the Black Winter taking on the form of Darkseid writing: they will see the stone-faced avatar of their one true end...For them, their omega. The one who is
  • Cates alludes to Darkseid's stone-like face, his Omega Beams and Tom King's run on Mr. Miracle with the line "Darkseid Is..."
  • Preview of Strange Academy
  • The Strange Academy preview is not the first appearances of the characters. It is an excerpt of the first issue meant to promote the title. If it were an original story, then it would be considered a first appearance
Publisher Marvel
Published January 2020
Written By Donny Cates
Illustrated By Nic Klein