Low $50
Mid $150
High $1.5k
  • 1st appearance & origin of Calypso (Twisted Metal 2 released after this comic)
  • 16-page comic licensed by Sony and published by DC Comics
  • Opening panel depicts the destruction of the World Trade Center five years before the actual terrorist attack
  • 100 copies were printed as prizes for a contest in Tips & Tricks magazine to publicize the Twisted Metal 2 release
  • Only 50 entrants won the prize while approximately 10 additional copies were given away to fans who wrote letters to Tips & Tricks
  • According to Sony Interactive Entertainment employees, the remaining 40 copies were destroyed
  • One of the most valuable pieces of Twisted Metal history as it is considered to be canon by Twisted Metal fans and has attained "Holy Grail" status
  • Only 4 copies ever graded by CGC (two 9.6s, one 9.4 & one 9.0)
  • CGC 9.6 copy sold for $3,200 in 2018 and another for $3,999.99 in 2020
Publisher DC
Published January 1996
Written By Jamie Delano
Illustrated By Duncan Fegredo