Low $8
Mid $20
High $75
  • 1st Miles Morales solo title.
  • 1st appearance of Miles' iconic black suit with red webbing and a red spider logo.
  • 2nd appearance and origin of Miles Morales.
  • Polybagged premiere issue of the first Miles Morales stand-alone series.
  • 1st appearance of the Prowler, the uncle of Miles in the Ultimate Universe.
  • Prices of Miles 1st appearance have reached such heights that we're seeing a phenomenon usually reserved for Golden, Silver and marquee Bronze age books - a significant bump in the first issue of a solo title.
  • Raws are trading hands for an average of $90 while 9.8's are solid at $800. (Aug 2020)
Publisher Marvel
Published November 2011
Written By Brian Michael Bendis
Illustrated By Kaare Andrews