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High $15
  • Five-issue series continuing from the Planet Hulk story arc
  • This issue is preceded by the World War Hulk Prologue
  • Debut of Iron Man's 'Hulkbuster II' armor
  • [October 2021 - there is a lot of online chatter that a World War Hulk movie is slated for production but due to the Planet Hulk story already been told in Thor: Ragnarok, we could only assume that a rumored movie would be in title alone if it comes to fruition. The events of Planet Hulk lead directly into World War Hulk and serve as the basis for the motivation behind Hulk’s revenge on the Illuminati which was mainly to seek justice for the death of his wife and unborn child on the planet Sakaar. If a World War Hulk movie is in development, the name alone will cause this issue to increase in value but it is unlikely it will share much more with the actual comic story]
Publisher Marvel
Published August 2007
Written By Greg Pak
Illustrated By David Finch