Privacy Policy

Last updated: 7/26/18

Your privacy and personal information is very important to Key Collector Comics, LLC. Key Collector Comics offers full transparency of our data collection policies as it pertains to the Key Collector Comics mobile application, website or any other resource in which Key Collector Comics, LLC collects information. We will only collect personal information by request and consent.

Key Collector Comics mobile application requests an email address from users who wish to open an account for inventorying, value tracking or subscription purposes. Information gathered is utilized to authenticate user accounts and to send notifications related to Subscription services. Occasionally, we may utilize an email address to send updates, offers, newsletters or messages from potential future partnerships on a strictly limited basis and at all times related to comics and pop culture. Users may choose not to receive emails of this type by using the unsubscribe feature found at the bottom of any email or newsletter delivered. Users can also enable or disable push notification messages by accessing the option through the Menu button, then the Manage Subscriptions button.

Key Collector Comics will not share or sell your email address unless granted permission by you through actions within the app that clearly state you are opting-in to share your email address, or name in the event that you wish to participate in giveaways, offers, contests or purchases that require communication with one of Key Collector Comics’ endorsing or industry partners.

In the event that you knowingly opt-in to any of the aforementioned activities, your information will only be utilized as you have permitted for the purpose in which it was intended and cease to be used beyond the timeframe in which it is necessary.

We will protect your personal information to the best of our ability with security safeguards and reputable, well-known transaction processing services but Key Collector Comics, LLC can not be held financially liable in the event of a cyber-attack or infiltration and absconding of user data.

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to reach out:

Key Collector Comics