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An Analysis of the Key Collector Hot 10



Low $30
Mid $95
High $325
  • 1st appearance and origin of Bullseye
  • [November 2021 - a report is circulating that the creators behind the Hit Monkey show were prevented from using Bullseye leading news outlets to believe Marvel Studios has plans for the character]
  • Like the card game Blackjack, if you have a pair of 5s, you double down. Kingpin is rumored for Hawkeye and Daredevil is rumored for No Way Home. If either appear, chances are that this low frequency Bullseye spec will get amplified
  • Take movies/TV out of the equation. As a Key Issue comic book, this issue is likely to creep up indefinitely over time. With Blue Chip keys getting pricier and harder to find, this is the type of book that collectors will target
  • As graded books becomes more prolific, I anticipate first cover appearances will become even more desirable than what we’re already seeing. A character’s first appearance AND first cover is a multiplier of potential Return On Investment [ROI]
Low $280
Mid $860
High $2.8k
  • 1st appearance of the Riddler in the Silver Age
  • Prior to the publication of this issue, the Riddler hadn't appeared in comics for 17 years
  • [Paul Dano cast as The Riddler in Matt Reeves' Batman film]
  • A film appearance of a DC character rarely ignites the level of demand that is seen with Marvel Keys due to the inconsistent, unreliable nature of a solid on-screen adaptation
  • There are a lot of villains in this film and it’s yet-to-be-determined who the standout star will be which could have implications against this book
  • Considering this is the first Silver Age appearance of the Riddler, your investment will be in competition with the first Golden Age appearance of the character in Detective Comics #140
Low $40
Mid $120
High $335
  • First appearance and origin of Man-Bat, a scientist whose experiment went awry after combining human and bat DNA to cure his own deafness
  • 1st team-up of Batgirl and Robin in a backup story
  • In most grades, this issue’s value has remained relatively static except for the week of this Hot 10. I would not consider this week an indicator of future activity on this book
  • Is it possible there is some deep insider knowledge of what might occur in the upcoming Batman movie? Sure. But even if Man-Bat shows up, are we going to get a layered character that captivates audiences like Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker or will it be a toss away villain to inject an action sequence into the film. My guess would be the latter. Plus, the scientist-turned-monster routine has been done to death
  • It's evident DC put all their chips onto Batman and there is a vast Rogues Gallery of villains who have yet to appear in a Batman (or Bat Family) film/TV project: Mad Hatter, Ventriloquist and Scarface, Clayface, Hugo Strange. Less expensive books like Azrael and Hush are good options as well
Low $115
Mid $430
High $1.2k
  • Origin of the Fantastic Four retold
  • 1st appearance of Krang, an Atlantean warlord
  • 1st appearance of Lady Dorma in the Silver Age
  • Namor finds Atlantis
  • A 9.6 recently sold for $40,000 which is twice as much as the previous 9.6 record from September. This new high will raise the value of lower grades over the next few weeks and months and when Namor is announced, many of the Sub-Mariner’s Key Issues will be highly sought after including this issue
  • There are only 11 copies graded 9.6 on the census and the three sales this year $18k/$21k/$40k might inspire an owner of one of the 3 copies graded 9.8 to list theirs for sale which will undoubtedly get collectors talking about this book
  • Seeing what’s happening with the 9.6 and having confidence in Namor’s introduction to the MCU, this book has two solid reasons to buy
Low $12
Mid $45
High $140
  • First ongoing Moon Knight title series
  • Origin of Moon Knight - multiple personalities including Jake Lockley and Steven Grant are revealed
  • 1st appearance of Bushman, a mercenary and arch-nemesis of Moon Knight
  • [November 2019 - rumored to be a villain in the TV series]
  • 1st appearance of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon who Marc Spector serves as its avatar
  • The Disney+ Day teaser fanned the flames of excitement for the series with only a glimpse of Moon Knight. When the first full trailer hits and a release day is announced, this (arguably) second most significant Moon Knight Key Issue will experience a nice increase
  • Marvel undoubtedly has a lot of confidence in the Moon Knight series judging by the casting of Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac, two major actors who would more likely be in a feature film. I have a feeling Moon Knight will be the vehicle that elevates expectations for Marvel’s streaming intentions and they have likely learned many lessons over the past handful of shows
  • This issue not only has speculative potential but confirmed confidence as it introduces Marc Spector’s multiple personalities which we’ll see addressed in the show
Low $155
Mid $440
High $1.4k
  • 1st appearance of Thanos, an Eternal from Titan born with the Deviants gene
  • 1st cameo appearance of Eros aka Starfox, brother of Thanos
  • 1st appearance of Kronos, Grandfather of Thanos
  • 1st appearance of Mentor, father of Thanos
  • 1st appearance of Drax the Destroyer, created by Kronus to kill Thanos
  • 1st appearance of the Blood Brothers
  • This book has landed on the Hot 10 many times that I just can’t imagine there being much life left on it to turn a profit for years to come
  • That is unless a monster 9.8 sale comes along and restructures the values in lower grades or you want to stick into this investment for the long haul
  • The latest bump is courtesy of Eros making a cameo in Eternals but his cameo in this issue is not strong enough to propel this book to greater heights
Low $1k
Mid $4k
High $12k
  • 1st appearance of Daredevil, Matt Murdock
  • 1st appearance of Foggy Nelson
  • 1st appearance of Karen Page
  • [Daredevil rumored to appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home - tap cover and swipe to view an unconfirmed but convincing leak from the trailer]
  • Let me start by stating the obvious…books like this are not in the majority of collector’s budgets but the same analytic principles could be applied to investing in Key Issues of any dollar amount
  • The community agreed with their wallets that this key had been undervalued for years and there’s still room for this issue to reduce the value gap that other major Blue Key Issues have over it
  • Daredevil is too significant of a character in the history of Marvel to be sidelined due to the Netflix series and fans are far too eager for Marvel to deny them The Man Without Fear
Low $1.1k
Mid $3.3k
High $11.2k
  • 1st appearance of the Green Goblin
  • First battle of Spider-Man versus The Hulk
  • [November 2021 - Willem Dafoe confirmed to reprise his role of Green Goblin for the Spider-Man: No Way Home]
  • Many collectors with high grade copies are cashing out and selling their copies, some of which we haven’t seen on the market for 20+ years, if ever. The result has been epic high sales that show the true value of these collectibles and the faith that investors and collectors have in the series
  • A 9.8 sold for the first time on record in September for $210,000, and a 9.6 sold the same month for $48,000
  • Now a 9.4 copy from the collection of David Parsow, Stan Lee’s “personal tailor” is at auction on Comic Link and is likely to surpass the $28,000 record from April 2021 which could cause other grades to climb in value
  • Amazing Spider-man is a cultural icon that appeals to any generation. Grandparents can relate to their grandkids on a mutual love for Spider-Man and with such widespread appeal, it would be hard to paint any ASM book as a bad investment. Just keep in mind you’re in the sharkiest comic book waters with competitors who have money to burn
Low $180
Mid $680
High $2.7k
  • 1st appearance of the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk
  • [August 2021 - Kingpin rumored for Hawkeye on Disney+]
  • The same can be said about this book as ASM #14 but you can add the fact that we are still in speculation territory for the Kingpin in the MCU
  • If this is confirmed, we should see even more action on this book
  • Add to it one of the most iconic ASM covers of all time and you have one hell of a comic to look at in the meantime
Low $55
Mid $190
High $615
  • 1st appearance of Agatha Harkness, Franklin Richards’ nanny and a mentor to Scarlet Witch
  • 1st appearance of Ebony, Agatha's cat who turns into a demon-like creature
  • First mention of the name Franklin Richards
  • [October 2021 - Agatha will be featured in her own Disney+ series titled Agatha: House of Harkness]
  • There is potential for this book to spike once Marvel begins to market the Disney+ series, Agatha: House of Harkness, a major surprise announcement last month
  • The introduction of Franklin Richards is another fan theory favorite for the MCU which is bonus spec for this book, similar to the bump that Eros gave Iron Man #55
  • Even though I recommend this book as a BUY, keep in mind we won’t see this TV series for awhile and I believe other upcoming shows will draw attention away from the book, allowing it to cool down
  • 🥈 Runner-Up: New High [Previous High]
  • 9.6 sold for $2,450 [$1,260 in Sept] +94%