Hero Trade

Vol. None
Publisher: Bad Idea
Published: Sep 2020
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Low $90
Mid $300
High $900
  • 1st comic book published by Bad Idea (disguised as the 1st comic book by Buttoned Up Comics)
  • 1st appearance of Captain Fab
  • 1st appearance of Tankers in a pin-up
  • Multiple Easter Eggs in the book to be revealed in later published issues
  • Bad Idea partnered with 200 comic shops who were each anonymously mailed one copy of Hero Trade with no indication of who it was from
  • Many stores dismissed it entirely while four stores ordered additional copies
  • There are approximately 250 copies in circulation
  • Hero Trade has sold for an all-time high of $3,200 graded 9.8
  • Bad Idea's executive team is:
  • Dinesh Shamdasani, producer of the Bloodshot movie, The Witcher and the upcoming Gideon Falls TV series