Batman Adventures #12 UK Variants

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Low $55
Mid $180
High $450
  • United Kingdom edition
  • Includes eight additional pages and a Batman button
Low $250
Mid $900
High $2.3k
  • 1st comic book appearance of Harley Quinn.
  • Newsstand edition.
  • Newsstands are a thing...blah blah blah...they're really rare... blah blah blah...Harley is popular... blah blah blah...The Suicide Squad movie...blah blah blah...we good? No? Fine!
  • A new all-time high for this book this week with a 9.8 Newsstand sale at a whopping $4,700 (up from $4,617 last week).
  • The direct edition is getting in on the game too with a new all-time high direct edition 9.8 sale of $2,500.
  •  Every week we see a Copper Age heavyweight jump onto the list as a super rare 9.8 Newsstand edition hits the market and goes for a bananas price.
  • Last week it was this very book and here it is again!.
  • Five weeks ago, the Newsstand edition of Amazing Spider-Man #365 made the Hot 10 with 2 four-figure sales for 9.8 grade copies (the all-time high sale for a direct edition in 9.8 is $300).
  • Four weeks ago, the Newsstand edition of Amazing Spider-Man #299 saw a monster $1,918 sale.
  •  While Newsstand UPCs are not uncommon in this era in other grades at the 9.8 grade they are incredibly rare and in some cases, virtually ghosts.
  •  Newsstand copies in this era were not ordered at the same levels as direct market (comic shop) copies.
  • Newsstand print runs for books from this era are approximately 20-30% of the total run.
  • However, Newsstand orders are different from direct orders. Direct copies are ordered by stores based on confirmed sales and customer interest. These copies are not returnable meaning the stores are stuck with them. Any unsold copies go into back issue bins. This is why comic stores today tend to order fewer copies than they actually think they can sell.
  • Newsstand copies are ordered by the publisher. They chose how many copies to send the newsstands. Those copies are fully returnable. Meaning newsstands are only obligated to put them on their racks for the month of sale and then can rip off the covers and send just those back to avoid being charged for copies not actually sold. The percentage of copies remaindered can be anywhere from 50-80%.
  • Moreover, distribution, display and browsing practices are very different from direct market systems and most times issues were carelessly handled or read significantly. Ergo the 9.8 copies that exist do so despite the system.
  • Expect to see 9.8 Newsstands of books from the 80's to the present continue to separate in this way across the board.
  • There is an even more pronounced premium and a premium in all grades for books from the modern era where Newsstand print runs were minuscule as most newsstand vendors were no longer stocking comics or out of business completely.
  • Current data places Newsstand print runs at approximately 1-3% of direct market orders for the modern era.
  • Introduced as a villain and a romantic interest for the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. She was the star of her own animated show as well as the Suicide Squad & Birds of Prey feature films. Will star in the upcoming The Suicide Squad movie from director James Gunn
  • Along with Deadpool, she is arguably the most popular character created in the last 30 years.
Low $15
Mid $50
High $150
  • Digest-sized, Brazilian edition
Low $1
Mid $2
High $10
  • $1 reprint of Harley Quinn's first appearance
Low $10
Mid $30
High $100
  • Reprint of Batman Adventures #12, divided into three mini-comics (Las Aventuras De Batman #13 - #15)
  • Promotional campaign by Pepsi and DC Comics
  • Obtained by submitting proof of purchase (plastic or metal Pepsi caps) to participating grocery stores
  • Measures approximately 4 in. x 3 in.