Thor: God of Thunder #2 Newsstand Variants

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Low $50
Mid $160
High $550
  • Newsstand edition
  • 1st full appearance of Gorr, the God Butcher
  • 1st appearance of Necrosword, the first symbiote created by Knull
  • Experts have tracked approximately 40 Newsstand copies of Thor #2 with only two confirmed graded copies
  • Unlike direct market (comic shop) orders, Newsstand sales were returnable and unsold copies were destroyed
  • Current data places Newsstand print runs at approximately 1-3% of direct market orders
  • Newsstand editions are notoriously difficult to find in high grade due to distribution, display and browsing habits meaning many issues were carelessly handled
Low $50
Mid $180
High $650
  • Variant cover art by Daniel Acuna (1:50)
  • 1st appearance of Gorr
Low $15
Mid $50
High $150
  • Second printing