Miles Morales Spider-Man #0 Variants

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Low $1
Mid $2
High $10
  • Reprint of Ultimate Fallout #4, the first appearance of Miles Morales
  • Halloween ComicFest 2019
Low $225
Mid $800
High $2k
  • 1st appearance of Miles Morales.
  • 1:25 variant cover art by Marko Djurdjevic.
  • The most sought after version of the most sought after book in comics.
  • The industry is reaching a consensus on Miles Morales. This is the most expensive version (with the Newsstand nipping at its heels).
  • Prices have doubled this year across the board. CGC 9.6s are hovering at $3k and a recent CGC 9.8 copy set a record at $9k.
  • Miles Morales leads a current trend of interest in Spider-verse and diversity characters with Spider-Gwen, Silk, Kamala Khan, Riri Williams, Amadeus Cho & America Chavez, all following.
Low $15
Mid $50
High $150
  • Second printing cover art depicts Miles without a mask (released simultaneous to another variant that shows him unmasked)
  • Circulation: 14,372
  • 💥Record Breaker: June 15 - $500 (CGC 9.8)
Low $5
Mid $15
High $60
  • Variant second printing cover art by Sara Pichelli
Low $80
Mid $250
High $800
  • 1st appearance of Miles Morales.
  • Newsstand edition with 'Black Panther' erroneously printed in the UPC box.
  • Prices have exploded this year across the board. Raw VF/NM copies are in the $800 range and the lone known CGC 9.8 copy sold this week at $8,100.
  • A close second to the Djurdjevic variant for the hottest version of the hottest book in comics. And yet another Newsstand edition giving a ratio variant a run for its money.
  • CGC does not currently break out newsstand editions making it difficult to accurately pin down numbers.
  • Unlike direct market (comic shop) orders, Newsstand sales were returnable and unsold copies were destroyed. Current data places Newsstand print runs at approximately 1-3% of the 74,000 direct market orders.
  • Experts have tracked less than 40 discovered Newsstand copies so far with only 4 confirmed CGC 9.6 copies and 1 confirmed CGC 9.8.
  • Many sellers are still unaware of the difference between direct and newsstand editions and newly discovered newsstand copies can still be found at direct market prices.
  • Newsstand editions are notoriously difficult to find in high grade. Distribution, display and browsing habits are very different from direct market systems meaning oftentimes, issues are carelessly handled.
  • CGC 9.8 copies of newsstand editions from this era are virtually impossible to find with no copies known to exist for many keys.
  • Newsstand editions are one of 2020's hottest and fastest growing trends especially for 9.8 graded copies of bronze & copper age books and copies in any grade from 2012-2014 ie., Captain Marvel 14 (1st cameo Kamala Kahn), Black Panther 5 (1st Shuri as Black Panther) & Vengeance 1 (1st America Chavez).