Ryder Windham

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  • One-shot promotional giveaway included in the Hero Illustrated Magazine
  • 13-page story called 'Wedge's Story'
Low $10
Mid $30
High $100
  • Reprint of Star Wars Tales #6
  • Exclusive cover obtained by having an active membership to the Hyperspace Star Wars Fan Club
Low $5
Mid $15
High $50
  • 1st appearance of Savage Opress, brother of Darth Maul
  • Flip book with The Last Airbender on the opposite side
  • Free Comic Book day 2011
  • Prior to Dark Horse, The Last Airbender was published in Nickelodeon Magazine in comic book form and Tokyo Pop Manga editions
  • [August 2021 - the live-action Netflix series has been cast]