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Nick's Picks Weekly 32

A curated list of issues that are interesting, unique or often overlooked  Refreshed every Wednesday FULL-ACCESS to Key Collector for $1.99 per month or save $3.98 and subscribe for the year

Low $3
Mid $9
High $35
  • 1st appearance and origin of Lord Momin, the Sith Lord who built Vader's castle and mentored Emperor Palpatine
  • 1st appearance of Lady Shaa, the first female Sith Lord in the current Marvel canon of Star Wars stories
Low $2
Mid $8
High $25
  • First meeting of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers and Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan
Low $1
Mid $2
High $5
  • First reprint of Fantastic Four #48, first appearance of Silver Surfer and first cameo of Galactus
  • ✅ Second and third printings etc. weren't always sought after by collectors but like Newsstands, Price Variants and First Cover Appearances, scarcer, additional printings have recently emerged as highly collectible prospects
  • With a Key Issue like FF #48 having recently broken the $100,000 mark, a first reprint could resonate for many collectors when a character's main Keys get too pricey
  • Marvel's Greatest Comics #35 shows only 31 graded copies on the census, of which only 1 is a 9.8
  • These census numbers could increase because grading reprints hasn't been much of a priority for collectors but for many, neither is taking exceptional care of a reprint over the course of 50 years
Low $5
Mid $18
High $60
  • First reprint of Fantastic Four #49, the first full appearance of Galactus
Low $3
Mid $9
High $30
  • 1st team appearance of Micronauts: Arcturus Rann, Bug, Acroyear, Marionette, Biotron, Microton
  • 1st appearance of Baron Karza
  • 1st appearance of a Time-Traveler, Emissary of the Enigma Force - the Enigma Force appears in ethereal form through the series until #11 when it materializes
  • [September 2019 - Paramount announced a movie is in-development with the director of 'How To Train Your Dragon' attached]
Low $12
Mid $40
High $120
  • Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing, formerly Robin
  • Joseph adopts the name Jericho
  • Origin of Deathstroke and Jericho
  • 🔮 Nightwing's journey throughout the decades has done well to distance the character enough from Batman to standalone as a strong headlining hero with a bright future in movies and TV
Low $7
Mid $20
High $70
  • 1st appearance of Captain Britain in the U.S.
  • 1st cameo appearance of Arcade
  • Speculation: The underwater earthquake line in Endgame has created massive speculation buzz around Namor
  • But the mention of the Braddock name in Endgame referenced by Peggy Carter in the 1970s sequence is rarely spoken about
  • Sir James Braddock, the father of Captain Britain, Psylocke and Monarch worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. in The Ultimates comics and would've been in the prime of his career in the 1970s
  • Led by Brian Braddock, The Captain Britain Corps were defenders of the multiverse
Low $30
Mid $90
High $300
  • 1st unofficial team appearance of the Protectors: Silk, Ms Marvel (Khan), Shang-Chi, Agent Jake Oh, Jimmy Woo and Hulk (Cho)
  • Variant cover art by Mukesh Singh (1:25)
Low $4
Mid $12
High $40
  • Variant cover art by Adi Granov featuring Nova, Anwen Bakian (1:25)