Low $1
Mid $2
High $5
  • First reprint of Fantastic Four #48, first appearance of Silver Surfer and first cameo of Galactus
  • ✅ Second and third printings etc. weren't always sought after by collectors but like Newsstands, Price Variants and First Cover Appearances, scarcer, additional printings have recently emerged as highly collectible prospects
  • With a Key Issue like FF #48 having recently broken the $100,000 mark, a first reprint could resonate for many collectors when a character's main Keys get too pricey
  • Marvel's Greatest Comics #35 shows only 31 graded copies on the census, of which only 1 is a 9.8
  • These census numbers could increase because grading reprints hasn't been much of a priority for collectors but for many, neither is taking exceptional care of a reprint over the course of 50 years
Publisher Marvel
Published July 1972
Written By Stan Lee
Illustrated By Sal Buscema