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Hot 10

The Hot 10 is a weekly market analysis of the most significant transactions related to established Key Issues using eBay, auction houses and other cited sources Thank you for utilizing the eBay links when making ANY purchase and contributing to the continued develpment of Key Collector Comics

Low $30
Mid $110
High $275
  • 🏅#10 on the Hot 10
  • 1st appearance and origin of Doc Samson
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 9.4 sold for $1,500 [$625 in Oct 2020] +140%
  • 8.0 broke a new record with a $355 sale, slight 1% increase over the previous sale
  • The second highest all-time high occurred this week when an 8.5 sold for $850
  • Doc Sampson is one of the less discussed characters rumored to be introduced to the MCU
  • Speculation surrounding the character first hit the internet back in 2019 when a sign was spotted on set for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier advertising a fictional real estate company named ‘Samson Development’. This Easter Egg was not spotted (yet?) in the actual TV series
  • Based on a rumor that began this week about a World War Hulk movie in development might be the cause for increased interest in this book
  • A World War Hulk movie would unlikely follow the comic event very closely considering the Planet Hulk story was already adapted in Thor Ragnarok and did not set up the WWH story as it does in the comics
  • With that, some are speculating this movie could be a battle royale of Gamma-powered characters that could begin in the She-Hulk Disney+ series
Low $25
Mid $80
High $250
  • 🏅#9 on the Hot 10
  • 1st appearance of Elsa Bloodstone, daughter and successor of the famous monster hunter, Ulysses Bloodstone
  • [March 2021 - a character named Ruby is reportedly being cast for Blade. Elsa Bloodstone would make a lot of sense to add a strong female character to the upcoming lineup of Moon Knight, Blade and other Marvel male-dominated monster characters]
  • 1st appearance of Nosferatu in the Marvel Universe
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 9.8 sold for $900 [$795 last week] +13%
  • 9.6 sold for $395 [$325 in Sept] +22%
  • This time last year, ungraded copies in Near Mint condition were selling for $100. Currently, ungraded copies of Bloodstone #1 in high grade consistently sell for $250+ based on speculation that the character is well-suited for the MCU
  • There isn’t much to indicate her introduction to movies or TV other than a rumor that a character named Ruby is being cast for an unknown project
  • Although Elsa’s hair was blonde during the first few years of existence, it changed to red in the comic Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #1 which is the reasoning behind the speculation that Ruby could be a codename for Elsa
  • With Blade being a confirmed MCU project, it could be assumed that Marvel Studios is getting ready to unlock the door to other genres of storytelling like horror which is further encouraged by speculation on Midnight Sons, Werewolf By Night and Ghost Rider
  • Lately, Elsa Bloodstone has been utilized more in comics than in previous years, appearing in the 2019 Deadpool series and having an upcoming solo one-shot connected to the Death of Doctor Strange event
  • Her brother, Cullen Bloodstone is also appearing more often and his first appearance in Avengers Arena #1 has been trending high for the past two weeks
  • Copies of Marvel Presents #1 (1975) that introduced the patriarch of the Bloodstone family, Ulysses could be picked up for pretty cheap at the moment and could be a sleeper if the Bloodstone family is introduced to live action
  • 🏅#7 on the Hot 10 two weeks ago
Low $150
Mid $500
High $1.5k
  • 🏅#8 on the Hot 10
  • 1st cameo appearance and origin of HIM, later known as Adam Warlock
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 8.5 sold for $1,762 [$1,300 in Aug] +36%
  • 8.0 sold for $1,099 [$1,000 in Aug] +10%
  • 7.5 sold for $1,000 [$750 in Aug] +33%
  • 🏅#5 on last week’s Hot 10
Low $75
Mid $210
High $1.3k
  • 🏅#7 on the Hot 10
  • 1st team appearance of the Metal Men: Iron, Gold, Lead, Mercury, Platinum and Tin
  • 1st appearance of Dr. Magus
  • [October 2021 - Barry Sonnenfeld revealed in an interview with that a Metal Men movie is in active development]
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 7.5 sold for $1,195 [$1,100 in April 2020] +9%
  • 6.5 sold for $1,050 [$685 in 2016] +53%
  • 6.0 sold for $763 [$675 in 2016] +13%
Low $90
Mid $350
High $920
  • 🏅#6 on the Hot 10
  • 1st appearance of Thanos, an Eternal from Titan born with the Deviants gene
  • 1st cameo appearance of Eros aka Starfox, brother of Thanos
  • 1st appearance of Kronos, Grandfather of Thanos
  • 1st appearance of Mentor, father of Thanos
  • 1st appearance of Drax the Destroyer, created by Kronus to kill Thanos
  • 1st appearance of the Blood Brothers
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 9.2 sold for $2,799 [$2,500 in May] +12%
  • 4.5 sold for $696 [$660 in July] +5%
  • This grade’s all-time high was broken twice with another sale for $660
  • 8.0 had the second highest sale of $1,350, $25 under the previous high of $1,375
  • This issue’s presence on the Hot 10 for continuing to experience record-breaking sales should give confidence to collectors of how positively impactful Marvel’s movie and TV projects affect comic values
  • Nearly a decade has passed since Thanos was first teased onscreen in the Avengers causing Iron Man #55 to experience a significant value increase
  • Now, we are assured that his brother Eros, who makes a cameo in this issue and has been speculated to appear in the MCU for close to a year will also be brought to life by singer, Harry Styles
  • Marvel will continue to expand on its cosmic corner of the universe with the Eternals, The Marvels and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, opening the door to spin-offs and continued explorations of existing and yet-to-be introduced characters for years to come
  • Make sure your Key Alert notifications are on and check back on the Key Collector Comics Spec Deck and movie/TV specific categories for the latest confirmations and rumors to get ahead of these books before they explode
  • 📈 +200% increase in copies sold this week versus the previous week after the Senior Film Writer of Variety tweeted from The Eternals movie premiere that Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros
Low $60
Mid $175
High $615
  • 🏅#5 on the Hot 10
  • Rebirth of HIM, renamed Warlock by the High Evolutionary
  • Debut of Warlock's costume including an unnamed emerald, later revealed to be the Soul Infinity Stone
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 9.4 sold for $3,000 [$1,976 in May] +52%
  • This grade’s all-time high was broken twice this week with an additional sale for $2,035
  • 8.5 sold for $1,117 [$1,100 in Sept] +2%
  • 8.0 sold for $859 [$645 in June] +33%
  • 🏅#2 on last week’s Hot 10
Low $180
Mid $800
High $2.4k
  • 🏅#4 on the Hot 10
  • 1st full appearance and 1st cover appearance of HIM, later becomes Adam Warlock
  • [September 2021 - an inside source has told us that Adam Warlock is confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3]
  • [October 2021 - Warlock confirmed by Deadline for GotG Vol. 3]
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 9.0 sold for $5,500 [$3,524 in Sept] +42%
  • 3.0 sold for $510 [$226 in March] +126%
  • Sales this week in grades 7.5 / 7.0 / 5.5 show a sustained level of value 1.5x to 2x higher since the confirmation that Adam Warlock would appear in GotG Vol. 3
  • 🏅#1 on last week’s Hot 10
Low $175
Mid $560
High $2.1k
  • 🏅#3 on the Hot 10
  • Introduction of Asteroid M, Magneto's headquarters in outer space
  • 3rd appearance of Magneto
  • 2nd appearance of Scarlet Witch
  • 2nd appearance of Quicksilver
  • 2nd team appearance of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 8.5 sold for $2,995 [$1,652 in Feb] +81%
  • 2.5 sold for $420 [$250 in Feb] +68%
  • 1.5 sold for $189 [$115 in June 2020] +64%
Low $30
Mid $90
High $300
  • 🏅#2 on the Hot 10
  • 3rd appearance of Peacemaker
  • Premiere issue of the first Peacemaker solo title
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 9.0 sold for $1,600 [$250 in April 2020] +540%
  • 5.5 sold for $450 [$315 in May] +43%
  • An ungraded copy sold for the highest amount in one year’s time at $2,000
  • DC acquired characters from Charlton Comics in the early 80s and integrated most of them into DC’s mainstream continuity during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event
  • The Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, The Question, Nightshade and Peacemaker were all originally meant to be the characters featured in Alan Moore’s Watchmen but DC reconsidered branding these characters with the more mature-themed concepts explored in the series causing Moore to create pastiches of the characters like Nite Owl, Doctor Manhattan, Rorschach, Silk Spectre and the Comedian
  • We were told by sources that other characters whose genesis was at Charlton will appear in the Peacemaker TV series and since then, Judomaster has been confirmed for the show
  • Other characters acquired from Charlton in addition to the ones already mentioned include Sarge Steel and Thunderbolt
Low $60
Mid $180
High $490
  • 🏅#1 on the Hot 10
  • 2nd appearance of Black Adam in an original story
  • A movie is in production starring The Rock, Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam with Hawkman, Cyclone and Atom Smasher confirmed to also appear
  • There was a fanzine published prior to this issue called Alter Ego where Black Adam appears on the cover but the interior is a text article recapping the Marvel Family and Black Adam though it is historically interesting as it was written by prominent Marvel writer Roy Thomas before his tenure at Marvel began
  • [Previous High In Brackets]
  • 9.2 sold for $1,300 [$925 in Oct] +41%
  • 9.0 sold for $1,000 [$725 in April] +38%
  • 5.0 sold for $350 [$185 in March] +89%
  • This week marks the first time since the Key Collector Hot 10 analysis began that a DC character held the #1 and #2 slot on the list
  • 🏅#8 on the Hot 10 last week