Wolverine #1

Marvel ⋅ 1982
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Key Facts

First solo Wolverine title

1st cameo appearance of Yukio

First use of the phrase, 'I'm the best there is at what I do'

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10.0 sold for $27,000 [$15,535 in 2009] +74%

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9.8 sold for $690 vs the average $650 (+6%)

NEWSSTAND 9.8 sold for $1,485 vs the average $1,233 (+20%)

9.6 sold for $275 vs the average $260 (+6%)

9.2 sold for $220 vs the average $165 (+33%)

Three copies in 9.2 outsold the average

9.0 sold for $155 vs the average $147 (+5%)

8.5 sold for $170 vs the average $113 (+50%)

NEWSSTAND 7.5 sold for $133 vs the average $109 (+22%)

NEWSSTAND 7.0 sold for $104 vs the average $98 (+6%)

A NEWSSTAND in 6.0 sold for $145 establishing a new record over the previous $110 high from February by +32%

This is the 21st time in 2024 that Wolverine #1 landed on the Hot 10, up one spot from last week’s second place and taking the lead for the 10th time this year

Issue Details




Frank Miller


Chris Claremont


Tom Orzechowski


Glynis Oliver


Josef Rubinstein


September 1982


Wolverine is in Canada to kill a feral bear, but after the deed is done, Wolverine learns the bear was shot with a poisoned arrow.Wolverine goes to Japan to see the love of his life, Mariko Yashida. Turns out that Mariko was forced to marry another man. So, to prove his love for Mariko, Wolverine battles Lord Shingen but is badly beaten. Wolverine is then thrown out on the streets. He awakes due to thieves but is saved by Yukio.

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