2099 A.D. Genesis #1

Marvel ⋅ 1996

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Warren Ellis


Dale Eaglesham


Scott Koblish


Mike Thomas


Jon Babcock

Cover Artist

Humberto Ramos

Cover Artist

Karl Kesel


January 1996


There is a place that exists sideways of the normal Earth. And that place was named in the late ‘90s over a century ago. And the name of this place is… the Negative Zone! Some people are hard at work in the Negative Zone. A storm is coming up and it doesn’t look so good. One of the workers, Keith, doesn’t feel so good about it. His coworkers laugh at him and don’t want to hear about it. Keith tries to warn the others, but they simply refuse to listen. After all, they are all in protection suits, so what can happen to them?But Keith is right this time: the workers have got a Stormsign! They panic and inform the homegate that they are heading back. The storm breaks out and kills Keith. The others activate their jet packs on their suits and hurry back to their spaceship, but the storm hits that as well. The workers try to reach their bosses, Stark-Fujikawa, but the connection gets loose…Planet Earth…A shaggily clothed man wanders through the desert. Time weighs heavy on him. Near on seventy-five years, he has been in the desert, and it’s a long way back. All that time, just thinking, meditating, laughing and crying every now and then. Sitting still and looking for a god or a devil to tell him what to do with this dry old life of his. And finally, the Word came, from up or down the man doesn’t know.He recalls what the Word said: “There’s a Messiah come, and there’s a Herod too, and that Messiah, it’s one of your kind. Find this child, and do right by that child as well. The One is one of many children, and it’ll serve you right to have search that child out. To find this child, go to Halo City.” And the man began his quest, and arrives at the front gate.The man enters it and looks around at all the many people who try to get in. Once at the front desk, the man introduces himself as Dust, the name he uses now after so many aliases of the past. Another mutant gets impatient and claims to have been in line first and says that Dust cut him. The...

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