30 Days of Night #1

IDW ⋅ 2002

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Key Facts

A small Alaskan town is invaded by vampires during a naturally occurring, month-long absence of sunlight

First traditional comic book published by IDW

Copies ordered by retailers: 3,791

Issue Details




Ben Templesmith


Steve Niles


June 2002


It is November 7th, 2001 in Barrow, Alaska. Barrow is a town that sees nothing but light from May to August, and enters a thirty day long night between November 18th and December 17th. The day is a stormy November 17th, and a bizarre crime wave has hit the town.Sheriff Eben Oleman meets his wife, Stella Oleman on the edge of town. She had discovered a pile of cell phones, stolen in the recent crime wave, smoldering in a pit dug out of the snow and frozen Earth. Eben is eager to get back to town to try to figure things out before the thirty day long darkness hits, but Stella holds him to his promise of watching the sun go down.At the same time in New Orleans, Louisiana a shadowy woman named Judith and her son Taylor found that they had a visitor. George, a local speed-freak, had been monitoring communications for Judith trying to locate signs of Vampire activity. He brings her a series of communications between a Marlow Roderick and someone who calls himself only V about an event that is to occur in Barrow, Alaska.After the sun retires Eben gets a call on his radio. There is a disturbance at Ikos diner. A mysterious newcomer with bad hair and even worse teeth is asking the cook for a bowl of raw meat. Eben and Stella confront the man and bring him in for a night in the jail.Meanwhile, Gus Lambert is at the communication building, the source of television and phone signals in Barrow, discovering vandalized equipment and alarms. A group of pale figures dressed in black and white ask him about the purpose of the building before one of them, Marlow, splits him down the middle with his long fingers.At the Sheriff's office Eben and Stella have locked up the man they arrested at Iko's. The man taunts them, trying to get Eben riled up. He tells them that they are all going to die before bending the bars of the cell with his bare hands. Eben shoots him first, through the head, and Stella opens fire after to make sure the man is dead. They then go to the communication station...

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