Action Comics #252

DC ⋅ 1959

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Key Facts

1st appearance of Supergirl

1st appearance of Metallo

1st appearance of Zor-El, the father of Supergirl

[December 2023 - Supergirl rumored to be introduced in Superman: Legacy]

Issue Details




Al Plastino


Robert Bernstein


May 1959


Superman - The Menace of Metallo!Through the years you have seen Superman locked in titanic battles with the most bizarre villains in history! But now he meets his newest foe... the most incredible and dangerous of them all... The Menace of Metallo!Congorilla - Congo Bill Dies at Dawn!Usually, the only "war" a gorilla fights is the war of survival against hostile hunters! Never does he take the side of a man, his chief enemy! But just as Congorilla is no ordinary gorilla, the wars he wages are no ordinary wars! Take the amazing man-ape's fantastic struggle one time against a small army of desperate men who have decreed that... Congo Bill Dies at Dawn!Supergirl - The Supergirl From Krypton!As we all know, Superman arrived on Earth in a space rocket long ago, when he was Superbaby! The...

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