Action Comics #1

Reprint ⋅ DC ⋅ 2017

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Key Facts

Reprint of Action Comics #1 in it's 68-page entirety

Distributed by Loot Crate

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Joe Shuster


Jerry Siegel


January 2017


SUPERMAN, CHAMPION OF THE OPPRESSED  Superman delivers a witness to the governor to stop an execution, then stops a wife-beater; Later Superman, as Clark Kent, goes out with Lois, but she earns the wrath of Butch Matson and Superman must save her; Finally, Clark is assigned a story on the South American republic of San Monte. THE A-G GANG PART 1  Chuck begins a vendetta against the crooked ranch owners who have, by fraud, acquired the range lands he inherited after his father's death. THE MYSTERY OF THE FREIGHT TRAIN ROBBERIES  Zatara and Tong investigate the murders of several railroad detectives and the theft of over $200,000 in loot. STICKY-MITT STIMSON  Sticky swipes some apples and is pursued by the police. He gets a lucky break to make good his escape. THE ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO PART 1  Marco, his father and his uncle are given an audience with the new Pope; They are sent on a mission to satisfy a request from the Khan of Tartary for priests and men of learning. THE LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP  When the Boxing Commission runs a dirty fight trainer out of town, he swears his revenge...against Pep. THE INTERNATIONAL JEWEL THIEF   An international jewel thief arrives in America as a prisoner, but Scoop and Rusty are on hand to witness his escape with the help of his gang lying in wait. MURDER IN ENGLAND  Ken is framed for the murder of a man, and, with the help of Betty and Bobby, sets out to prove his innocence.

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