All-Star Comics #39

DC ⋅ 1948
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John Broome


February 1948


THE INVASION FROM FAIRYLAND Sally Barnes, a young stenographer, was given the 'Voice of the Lorelei', a magical power that makes her voiced wishes come true. With the power, she accidentally kills her boss, and is tried for murder and witchcraft. She is found guilty and sentenced to death. Her counsel, convinced of her innocence, writes a letter to the Justice Society of America asking for help. The members, who don't believe in witchcraft, meet with Sally in jail to hear her side of the story. She tells the members of her dream, where Rumplestiltskin gave her the Voice of the Lorelei and vanished into a hillside. A notorious hoodlum, the the Slicer, eavesdrops on their conversation. After the JSA leaves, the Slicer breaks out of jail and follows the Justice Society, hoping to obtain the 'Voice of the Lorelei' for himself. However, Black Canary, happens to be nearby, and trails the Slicer. Going to the sight of Sally's dream, Green Lantern uses his ring to reveal a secret entrance to Fairyland. Using the combined powers of the Justice Society, they able to force open the door.  The JSA enter Fairyland and immediately are attacked by, and defeat a two-headed ogre. After the battle Rapunzel tells them to flee, since The Loreli, the tyrannical ruler of Fairyland, is approaching. Unafraid, the JSA confront her, but the Loreli turns them into stone with her magic mirror. During the confrontation, Rapunzel fled to visit the Old Wise Woman, who is able to cast a spell to restore the JSA. Once restored, the JSA split up.   Atom and Flash try to rescue Rapunzel. Pursing Rapunzel, Flash finds that his speed is gone. The Wise Woman tells Flash that since his speed is scientific, it does not work in Fairyland, but she tells him where to find magical shoes to restore his speed. The Atom fights off the guardians, and Flash gets the shoes. Flash catches up to Rapunzel, but Rumplestiltskin has already captured her, and he charms Flash and Atom, then escapes. Wonder Woman and Doctor Mid-Nite follow the ogre. They find Hansel and Gretel, who lead them find the ogre. After defeating him again, Hansel tells Wonder Woman that the only way to catch the Lorelei is by wearing the 'Cap of Knowledge' hidden in the city of witches, so the pair set off to find the cap. After fighting off some large dogs, they find Black Canary, who tells them that the Slicer is looking for the Lorelei. They enter the city of witches, where Dr. Mid-Nite finds a spell book and casts a spell of darkness to give them the upper hand. Wonder Woman puts on the Cap of Knowledge, and learns that the Slicer and the Lorelei have teamed up to trap and kill the Justice Society. Green Lantern, Hawkman, and Johnny Thunder set off to find the Lorelei. They discover an invisible fairy, who was cursed by the Lorelei. She tells them about a magic wishing ring guarded by a dragon. Hawkman and Green Lantern fight the dragon using their powers, which still work, since they are based on magic, while Johnny goes after the ring. Johnny gets the wishing ring, and makes himself enormous, and kicks the stuffing out the dragon. The three of them reach the dark castle, rescue the prisoners from the dungeon, and capture Rumplestiltskin. However, the Slicer gets the drop on the Green Lantern, and the Lorelei captures them, and scrambles their heads and bodies, so that they can't use their powers. Following the Slicer's advice, the Lorelei begins to plan her invasion of the earth, but the rest of the Justice Society breaks into her castle. Using magic to disguise herself, the Lorelei captures them by dropping the drawbridge on top of them, and turns them into animals.   To save themselves, Green Lantern hypnotizes Johnny to give him enough will-power to operate the Green Lantern Ring. Johnny frees them with the ring, then restores their bodies. In their escape, they come across the rest of the JSA, whom Green Lantern restores with his ring. Wonder Woman dons the Cap of Knowledge again and learns that every thousand years Fairyland and earth coincide, allowing passage for 24 hours. She also learns that Sally Barnes was given the Voice of the Lorelei as a ruse by the Wise Woman, masquerading as the Lorelei, so that the Justice Society would be forced to come to Fairyland to rescue them from the Lorelei's rule. The JSA follows the Lorelei back to earth, where the Lorelei's army is destroying Gotham City. Meanwhile, the Slicer and the Lorelei are robbing a museum where the Lorelei knows the Philosopher's Stone is being displayed. Once the Lorelei steals the stone, she feels that the Slicer has outlived his usefulness, she magically transforms him into a dog. The Justice Society captures all of the Lorelei and her army, but at that moment, Earth and Fairyland separate, causing all of the creatures from Fairyland to age 1000 years, and they turn into dust. Wonder Woman uses the Lorelei's magic wand to undo all of the damage to the city, and Hawkman drops all of the magic relics into the ocean to keep them from being used by criminals.

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