All-Star Comics #43

DC ⋅ 1948
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John Broome


Irwin Hasen

Cover Artist

Irwin Hasen


Bob Oksner


Bernard Sachs


Art Peddy


October 1948


THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN UNIVERSE! The Justice Society of America responds to a newspaper appeal for help from Raymond, an escape artist, who is in fear for his life. When they arrive, Raymond tells them his fantastic story. Recently, Raymond attended a show featuring Aurikon and his gold men. Raymond intended to prove that the act was a fraud, but instead, Raymond proved that the men were truly made of gold, by covertly taking of sample of Aurikon's hair and performing chemical analysis. Before he could alert anyone, the gold men broke into his apartment, knocked him out, and threw him into a river chained inside a box. Naturally, being an escape artist, he escaped, and set out to contact the Justice Society. After listening to the story, the Justice Society agree to help, and with Raymond, they go to interrogate the gold men. Instead of finding them, they find hundreds of bars of steel, which they connect with a series of strange robberies. The gold men arrive, and get the better of the Justice Society in combat, due to their hard metal bodies. The gold men then disappear by riding on a carnival ride at the speed of light. The Justice Society give chase by having Green Lantern use his power ring to duplicate their ride.  The Justice Society find themselves in the Golden Dimension, where life is based on gold, rather than carbon. They meet Myrla, chief scientist, and ruler of the golden people. When Flash tells Myrla that gold men have been stealing iron from the Carbon Dimension, she tells them that her half-brother Aurikon must be stealing the iron to power three giant robots in order to take over as ruler. Splitting up, Hawkman, Doctor Mid-Nite, and Atom go after the first robot. The robot grabs Hawkman and Atom, so Dr. Mid-Nite enters the robot, defeats the pilots, and takes over the controls to stop Hawkman and Atom from being crushed. However, Aurikon rigged the controls with a high voltage current, knocking out Dr. Mid-Nite. Wonder Woman and Black Canary I get to their robot before Aurikon's men, and power it up to scare them off. Aurikon returns with a larger group, but Wonder Woman and Black Canary knock them out. Thinking they've defeated them, they let their guard down, and are knocked out by Aurikon's surprise attack. Flash and Green Lantern corner the last robot in a cave and defeat it. However, the heat from a pool of molten gold in the cave overwhelms them, allowing Aurikon to easily defeat them.   With the Justice Society out the way, Aurikon takes over, and confronts Myrla. Myrla is defiant, convinced that the Justice Society will stop him. Gloating, Aurikon shows Myrla that he has imprisoned them in a glass case in a state of suspended animation. To stay in power, however, Aurikon requires a constant supply of iron, so he offers Raymond a deal: for every pound of iron Raymond steals from earth, Aurikon will give him a pound of gold. Raymond refuses, then escapes his bonds. Sensing his only chance is to free the Justice Society, he breaks through their case, awakening them. Freed, Wonder Woman, Atom, and Green Lantern destroy the three giant robots and capture Aurikon. Finally, they return home using Flash's speed to pull them and Green Lantern's ring to push them to the speed of light. BLUE BOXER CRIMES

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