All-Star Comics #45

DC ⋅ 1949
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Non-Key Issue. No additional information is available.

Issue Details




Art Peddy


John Broome


Irwin Hasen

Cover Artist

Irwin Hasen


Bob Oksner


Bernard Sachs


February 1949


THE CASE OF THE COSMIC CRIMINALS! While investigating the mysterious disappearance of the Rocky Castle gang, the Justice Society of America discovers Professor Egri, tied up in his private laboratory by Rocky's gang. The professor tells his story and starts by explaining that he has been studying cosmic radiation. By using his specially designed a cosmic filter, he was able to charge six ordinary objects with cosmic power, but only when a specific nova was visible in the sky. While testing the objects, the Rocky Castle gang appeared at his house, looking for a hideout. They stole all of his cosmic-powered objects and tied up the professor. Black Canary stays behind with Egri, while the rest of the JSA set out to find Rocky's gang. Checking in with a professor at the science foundation they find four locations with unusual increases in cosmic radiation, forcing them to split up to track down the gang.  Wonder Woman and Hawkman discover Ox and Gun-Shy attempting to escape the police after a botched theater robbery. Catching their quarry is made more difficult when the gang's cosmic powered objects give them similar powers: Ox's stick pin allows him to fly and Gun-Shy's watch allows him stop bullets. The gang tries to ambush them, but Wonder Woman and Hawkman easily outwit them, and take back the cosmic objects. However, touching the cosmic objects causes the heroes to disappear. Doctor Mid-Nite and Atom find Peewee and Specs escaping after a carnival robbery, aided by their cosmic objects: Spec's flashlight allows him to black out the light and Peewee's gloves give him super strength. With Doctor Mid-Nite's ability to see in the dark, and Atom's super-strength, they knock out the crooks, but when they retrieve the cosmic objects, they suffer the same fate as Wonder Woman and Hawkman.   Flash arrives at a millionaire's mansion to find that he is giving away his money to his friends for his 70th birthday. Slowpoke, posing as a waiter, knocks the millionaire out and takes the money, but he is quickly discovered. He makes his getaway when his cosmic powered jacket activates and gives him super speed. Flash gives chase, catches him, and knocks him out, only to disappear when he picks up the jacket. Rocky Castle, the leader of the gang, steals a valuable ivory necklace. He escapes with the help of his cosmic powered ring, which, like the the Green Lantern's ring, works by will power. Green Lantern arrives, and the two battle to a stalemate with their rings, forcing Green Lantern to knock out Rocky with his bare fist. As he picks up the ring, the same thing happens to Green Lantern.   The crooks, having seen their JSA foes fade away after picking up the cosmic powered objects, return to Dr. Egri's for an explanation. Dr. Egri shows them that he used the objects to capture the Justice Society, whom are now on display in his laboratory. Donning all six objects, he explains to the gang that they were only pawns in his plan to capture the JSA, and instructs Black Canary to execute them. Black Canary, who was pretending to be brain-washed by Egri, pistol whips Egri instead, then rescues the JSA, who easily handle the gang. Dr. Egri, having recovered, starts to use all six objects, only to be disintegrated by the incredible force of all the objects.

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