All-Star Comics #7

DC ⋅ 1941
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Key Facts

First appearance of Batman and Superman in a story together

Batman and Superman join the JSA as honorary members

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E. E. Hibbard


Gardner Fox


October 1941


$1,000,000 FOR WAR ORPHANS New JSA Chairman Green Lantern returns from war-torn Asia and Europe, announcing that immediate financial aid is needed to help their children orphaned by conflict. Hawkman recommends that each member raise $100,000 towards that end, but Johnny Thunder offers to raise $300,000 himself.  Green Lantern decides ask sidekick Doiby Dickles how to raise his share of the money. Later, a man named Doon enters Doiby's cab, followed by people trying to kidnap him, and Doiby is taken prisoner. Doon claims to be a wealthy individual who would gladly donate $100,000 to GL, providing he is rescued. He is rescued but goes crazy. Asylum attendants take him into custody as Green Lantern turns over the thugs to the police. Suddenly, the sane brother of Doon appears and writes a check for the $100,000.   In order to raise the funds, the Spectre fights a boxing match, captures some crooks, plays the stock market, aids a fortune teller, stops a strike at a munitions plant, and secures some buried treasure.   At the request of Calvin College's Dean and trustees and a $50,000 guarantee, the Atom assumes the role of the Masked Demon to uncover a gang of men betting on college sports. He successfully wins his match that he is supposed to throw, rounds up the gamblers, and turns them over to the police, who provide the Atom with the $50,000 reward.   Dr. Fate seeks out the advice of Inza to raise money, and she suggests writing an article on crime that pays $25,000 to the winning entry. Inza wins for her bank robbery idea but is kidnapped by the men sponsoring the contest, as they are seeking out sure-bet crime scenarios. Fate saves her and is rewarded with his $100,000 share by the banker involved.   Hawkman aids a newspaper editor being threatened and bullied by people who disagree with his hard-hitting editorials. When the owner refuses to stop printing his stories, the gangsters begin destroying the delivery trucks and bullying the newsboys. Hawkman and the owner agree on a sum of $100,000 to be paid to the JSA in return for allowing the Tribute's owner to accompany the Hawkman as he rounds up the crooks responsible.   Wesley Dodds consults Dian Belmont on how to raise his needed share of the money, and she suggests visiting Police HQ and pulling down a few wanted posters whose rewards total his $100,000 goal. They select three crooks whose rewards offer that much money, and, with Dian driving the car, Sandman rounds up his intended bad guys and turns them over to the police, collecting his reward.   Rex Tyler is visiting the Wonders Expedition and hears about an Aztec treasure being sought. However, two opposing groups of crooks are also after the treasure: Killer Blaine and The General. Hour Man defeats the criminals and is rewarded with a $100,000 check for saving the expedition and uncovering the treasure.   Johnny Thunder runs into a gang led by Hotfist and is mistaken for a member of the gang. After escaping, Johnny consults the Thunderbolt on how to raise $300,000 and ends up selling peanuts, umbrellas, ice cream, and anything else to raise the money. Unfortunately, he ends up losing every dime. Later, a phony Atom and Sandman threaten Hotfist and his gang, and Johnny is hired to deal with the phony heroes. The Thunderbolt saves the day, but Hotfist does not reward Johnny.   Johnny sneaks back into JSA HQ without being seen, wondering what will happen to him when the other members find out he hasn't got his share of the money. Green Lantern's power ring discovers Johnny, and he explains his dilemma. The members begin to make fun of him when the Thunderbolt delivers honorary members the Flash, Superman, and Batman, with $100,000 each to save the day for Johnny and the JSA's fund-raising efforts. The three are also given an "official" thanks from the JSA members for their help. SECRET AIRPORT Hop Harrigan follows Prop Wash to a secret airport where Prop and Ikky are developing new planes. Upon arriving, Hop learns that both Prop and Ikky are gone, from presumed accidents. Hop follows their trail, and finds that Ikky was shot down, and that spies have captured Prop and Ikky. Hop disables the spies' airplane, rescues Prop and Ikky, then captures the spies.

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