Amazing Spider-Man #188

Whitman ⋅ Marvel ⋅ 1979
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January 1979


THE JIGSAW IS UP! As part of a mystery villain's plan, when Electro took out the Indian Point power plant (last issue), it allowed for the next phase of his revenge scheme against Spider-Man to happen: Sending a number of men to break into the Cryonics building and capture the body of John Jameson, who has been stored there in suspended animation.  While at the New York Hospital, Peter Parker and Betty Brant pay Aunt May a visit, and Peter is visibly emotional about Aunt May's recovery. Leaving May, Betty decides to take Peter out to have some fun.   Meanwhile, in the secret hideout of the criminal named Jigsaw, the disfigured criminals men begin to voice their displeasure over their lack of action of late. Although Jigsaw makes no attempts to hide the fact that he is scared of running into more costumed super-heroes, he eventually bows down to his men's protests and agrees to take them on a heist.   While they prepare, Betty brings Peter on a nighttime boat cruise with Flash Thomspon, Sha-Shan, Harry Osborn, and Liz Allan. As their voyage starts, at the J. Jonah Jameson hears the news of his son's kidnapping. Being brought out to supper by Joe Robertson, Jameson figures that Spider-Man is somehow involved, and decides to put the Bugle's resources into finding his son.   Meanwhile, on the cruise, Betty hugs Peter (who is still at odds about having a relationship with her because of her recent separation from Ned Leeds) and is spotted by Mary Jane and her new boyfriend Brad Davis. The two have a chilly exchange that doesn't end well. However, the boat ride is soon interrupted when the boat is attacked by Jigsaw and his men who demand that everyone turn over their possessions. Peter manages to slip away and change into Spider-Man and fight the crooks until Jigsaw manages to take Liz and Harry hostage. Not wishing his friends to be killed by Jigsaw, Spider-Man lets them leave, but not before he can tag Harry with a Spider-Tracer.   Changing back to Peter Parker, Spider-Man waits for the boat to return to shore and leaves his other friends to resume his chase against Jigsaw. Jigsaw, beginning to crack due to Spider-Man's appearance agrees to let Liz and Harry go when he feels he's safe. Spider-Man finds the couple shortly after and points him in Jigsaw's direction. Putting the crook into a state of fear during his pursuit. When Jigsaw finally gets a bead on Spider-Man with his gun, Spider-Man calls his bluff and the criminal finds that he cannot bring himself to shoot Spider-Man, and he is easily tied up for the police. Leaving the scene, Spider-Man considers his situation with Mary Jane and realizes that he left his camera aboard the boat and that it's probably lost to him now.

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