Amazing Spider-Man #239

Marvel ⋅ 1983

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Key Facts

2nd appearance of the Hobgoblin

First battle of Spider-Man vs the Hobgoblin

Issue Details




John Romita Jr.


Roger Stern


April 1983


NOW STRIKES THE HOBGOBLIN! The midnight silence in New Jersey is interrupted as the Hobgoblin attacks another Osborn building to steal a battle van created by the Green Goblin before his apparent demise. When the police arrive on the scene they question the manager of the building, Donald Menken. He tells them that this is the largest of a series of apparent robberies at Osborn facilities. However, it appears nothing has been stolen, yet each attack uncovers hidden rooms that were previously unknown. This is reiterated when Harry Osborn and his wife Liz arrive on the scene. Menken explains that all of the buildings have been hit were ones that Harry's father, Norman Osborn, had a hand in building or procuring for the company. Harry has no idea what these rooms may have contained, explaining that his father was a secretive man and they may never know what was contained within.  The next morning, the Hobgoblin -- in his civilian guise -- buys the morning edition of the Daily Bugle and muses about the story of his recent exploits found within. As he returns to his secret hideout, the Hobgoblin gloats about how all of the major newspaper will be carrying stories about his work. He is grateful for the first discovery of a Green Goblin cache and once he has finished pilfering them all he considers of doing the one thing the Green Goblin failed to do: destroy Spider-Man. At that moment at the intensive care ward of the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, the Black Cat is still in a coma after being seriously wounded during Spider-Man's recent battle with Doctor Octopus and the Owl. Spider-Man watches over her and laments that Felicia is in a coma while Doctor Octopus continues to run free. Spider-Man's thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of Captain Jean DeWolff, who tells Spider-Man that she has the Black Cat under the heavy guard and to go home and get some rest.   On his way out of the hospital, Spider-Man comes upon the hospital room where Madam Web has been recovering since he saved her from the Juggernaut. Web claims that she doesn't remember who he is, nor does she retain her clairvoyant abilities. Madam Web then asks Spider-Man to turn on the radio before he leaves. When he does, there's a news report about the attack on the Osborn Manufacturing building. The wall-crawler makes a hasty departure, telling Web that he hopes she will recover. Web thinks that might perhaps be the case, giving a sly smile as Spider-Man climbs out the nearby window. As he web-slings across the city, Spider-Man fears that these attacks on various Osborn buildings could spell trouble for Spider-Man.   Meanwhile, Lance Bannon is at his apartment taking artistic photos of his girlfriend Amy Powell. Her posture annoys him, and he reminds her that he isn't photographing her for an adult magazine. After they are done, she notices a bunch of photos of Spider-Man that don't appear to have been sold to the Daily Bugle. She decides to rib him by asking if it is because he was beaten to the punch by Peter Parker. His silence is answer enough for her and she goes into the bathroom to dress. She warns him that if he is not careful, Peter Parker might steal her away from him as well. Lance doesn't believe it, but when Amy asks him to go out with her, Bannon declines and she storms out in anger. With Amy gone, Lance wonders what is wrong with him and why he is afraid of commitment.   Shortly, Spider-Man returns to his apartment and discovers that his costume is smelling awful and that he needs a shower and to wash his uniform. As Peter cleans himself and his uniform, he goes over the details about the Osborn raids that have been reported. He fears that whoever is responsible may come across evidence of his secret identity if they have not done so already. Peter decides to take a nap and oversleeps. He is woken up at 7 pm by Amy Powell who asks him to join her for dinner. Realizing how late it is, Peter declines the offer and abruptly ends the call. Spider-Man rushes out to an old warehouse previously owned by Norman Osborn. Unfortunately, he arrives too late as the warehouse has recently been picked clean. With only one more location to check, Spider-Man goes to an old theater that Osborn used to operate out of. As he approaches, his spider-sense goes off and he catches the Hobgoblin in the process of looting this cache. The two battle each other in the street. Although Spider-Man is much stronger than his foe, the Hobgoblin keeps him at bay with a flurry of pumpkin bombs, razor bats, and ghost shaped smoke bombs.   Spider-Man ultimately gets the upper hand when he snares the Hobgoblin's glider, forcing it to crash. Fearing capture, the Hobgoblin uses his finger blasters to blast open a gas main. While Spider-Man is busy cutting off the gas before it can explode, the Hobgoblin manages to escape. His body wracked with pain, the Hobgoblin wonders how Norman Osborn could have held his own against Spider-Man and is determined to find out the secret behind it. Meanwhile, Spider-Man takes stock of everything that has been happening and hopes things can't get any worse.

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